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The cursorial hunter can run down even the swiftest prey.
The solution is to run down the nuclear industry rather than making excuses to justify it.
During peak demand they let that water run down through the generators again.
At the same time he was almost run down by fellow officers on horses who charged the crowd.
Incredible how the people are being run down and run thin.
It's obvious that some bile spewers are trying to run down a pretty darn good state school.
In some productions, they run down the aisles, close to the audience.
Shoes should be polished and not run down at the heels.
They do not spin webs but simply run down prey and grab them with their spiny legs.
People are encouraged to walk and make the best exercise out of an insufficient and run down public transport system.
Gullies run down the sides of some craters and valleys.
Don't let the cold water run down the drain as you wait for it to get hot.
If the batteries in a computer game run down on a voyage, the game won't work.
And therewith the tears began to run down by his visage.
These run down in the right and left ventricles, one on either side of the ventricular septum, covered by endocardium.
Everything was taken out of the canoes, and they were run down in succession.
These might run down at night and inflict great damage upon us before they could be sunk or captured by our navy.
They are not often found wandering away from their homes in the daytime, but if so caught are easily run down and killed.
Water was poured over the skeleton to run down on the leaves.
At sun-down, another salute of the same number of guns was fired, and all the flags run down.
During a strenuous run down the mountain, the skier's body generates excess heat, which melts the remaining microcapsules.
The cars would run down the batteries in sequential fashion.
There were too many stairs to run down, the elevators had stopped, and you can't even stand straight on a shaking floor.
All you have to do is run down the field, without dropping it or allowing it to be knocked down, and flip it past the goalie.
At the side of his mouth there was blood that had run down from his ear, and he put a fob of a pine branch on it to stop it.
Put rack with cake in a shallow baking pan and pour hot glaze over top of cake, allowing it to run down sides.
If you wanted to contact the restaurant, you called the meat market and someone would run down the block to deliver the message.
They had rats run down a track and then stop to eat food at the end.
They were caught in pit traps, shot with bows and arrows, and run down with dogs.
Ok here is the run down for everyone here that is whining about the changing of the times.
It was an hour or more before he was run down and brought back.
Typically a lot of debris results when a small boat is run down by a ship.
We plan to catch up with all of the teams and run down their vehicles.
No one now believes that battery-driven electric cars will take over: the batteries are too heavy and run down too quickly.
Much of this growth will take place in metropolitan areas, where the infrastructure is already run down.
It is not yet clear how much worse things will get as existing stocks run down.
Stocks are run down as everyone lives off last year's stores.
Nickel restocking to replace inventories run down after the crisis will come to an end eventually.
Before you go, jot down everything you need to pack so you can run down the list and make sure you have everything.
Not so much as the run down, of course, but still enough to count.
Also, some car washes recycle water instead of letting it run down the sewer drains.
With anemia, you may feel extra tired and more run down.
Fleshy skin folds run down both sides of the body ending at a keeled tail.
Descent is backwards or if the tree is leaning they will run down the trunk of the tree.
It can drip on the ceiling insulation or run down the underside of the deck to the connection between the roof and the walls.
When hunting, coyotes sometimes pursue prey in relays, enabling packs to run down animals that could escape a single coyote.
When a fire occurred, the truck battery was run down and had to be pulled to start it.

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