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Example sentences for run off

It says somebody thought enough of this writing to run off a whole batch.
They will never survive once they have run off all their veteran employees.
Today, we'll run off for some morning glory and sunflower seeds.
Apply water slowly so it doesn't run off before it can be absorbed.
The second is declining water quality, caused by toxic materials and fertilizers that run off the land.
In consequence of a freight train having run off the track, they were delayed three hours.
At this point they would probably run off and live happily ever after except for one tragic complication.
On a feast day, when fighting is not allowed, he and his soldiers run off with the enemy's cattle.
Some are designated dog beaches allowing dogs to run off-leash.
The first step is to run off or sell their retained portfolios of mortgages.
But social bots introduce new scale: they run off a server at practically no cost, and can reach thousands of people.
Many guests are surprised to learn that all water pipes in our system run off a single riser.
He set up a one-room flour mill, run off a condemned electric motor-condemned by him.
Although it was tempting to go out and run off the grief.
Then another tennis ball flies in, and they run off.
Any oil that doesn't run off on its own would be easily wiped away with water, making it unnecessary for a driver to use soap.
Indeed, scientists have already created experimental microbial fuel cells that can run off glucose and sewage.
Those who chafe under our paternalistic meddling are encouraged to run off and start yer own blog.
Vapor molecules run off the hydrophobic runways and coalesce into droplets at the hydrophilic nodes.
It spreads heaps of petroleum-based fertilizers, which then run off into streams and watersheds.
Pig farm run off could also be used the thing would end at an artificial cypress tree farm.
Telling me biofuels are better is nonsense while farm run off is having such a devastating effect on my local environment.
People will turn to cars that run on tap water, and home heating units that run off the heat of good intentions.
Or, tow a pyrolytic converter behind your car and it will run off the hydrogen produced.
Even if you put it down on the ground, it doesn't run off, not knowing where to run when there are no tunnels.
These are due primarily to agricultural fertilizer run off.
Suspended sediment and chemical run off from farming and sewage create other stresses.
The diminishment of glacial run off for drinking, industrial and agricultural purposes.
They are either pneumatically actuated, run off the differential pressure in the pipeline, or sometimes solar powered.
The affair gets serious and the lovers plan to run off together.
They were well equipped: they carried shovels and hammers, and they had made their own lamps run off car batteries.
Remind the kids not to run off only to have them run off.
The gravel gets shoveled out of steep-sided pits and then pumped into small steel washing plants that are run off a generator.
Storm water run off findings indicate that proper management of this run off is prudent to address possible environmental effects.

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