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Rumor has it that the presence of snacks attracts more people to a talk.
The generally accepted rumor is that the name is slang for moonshine.
Rumor has it you're as sharp as a great white's teeth.
Keep a special eye out for a pesky poltergeist: rumor has it that he's knocked over a tripod or two.
Rumor has it that the farm's locavore dinner series is expanding into an on-site restaurant.
In an environment where media is controlled by the government, folks rely upon gossip and rumor.
Jacksons personal physician, and others as being only rumor flatly denied it.
They have followed the latest developments year after year, rumor after rumor.
Rumor has it they had some smart folks on board, and yet.
The cause of the illnesses was a matter of confusion and fearful rumor.
That's the rumor that has been circulating for decades.
The reason this moves slowly is that the solution has to be based on facts and not spastic rumor mongering.
Rumor has it that the underground is occupied by advanced civilizations.
Rumor has it that advanced cities exist underground.
One reason this doomsday rumor persists is that quantum physicists have a tendency never to say never.
Every other week or so, a new rumor emerges that it's been smuggled out of the country.
Every rumor is believed when directed against the unfortunate.
No uncertain messenger tells you this, no vague rumor brings it to your ears.
The rumor was confirmed there, also, from other sources.
Senior faculty aren't doing much-rumor mill says they've been warned off.
As knowing, educated and wise members of the intelligentsia, surely none reading here would believe such a silly rumor.
Next day the oil-spill rumor mill provided me with an unexpected bonus.
Is it any wonder why more people don't got to the poles on election day, with this kind of rumor mongering editorializing.
Only the gods may know where this scurrilous rumor started.
Burton does not engage in irresponsible speculation or rumor-mongering.
These days, the soap audience is twenty million, and the rumor circulates that daytime is dying.
So the rumor was true: they had got their hands on a cache of old weapons.
Every post had switched over to rumor, shock, one-liners.
They go out and there hasn't been much rumor in a few years.
There was a rumor that owners of buildings housing a sausage shop often charged higher rentals because of the convenience.
Let's start rumor that high content of water might mean that there is oil on the moon.
They have invested belief in the spammed rumor and an realizing it is not a good feeling.
It's the same as any rumor about anything, true or not, it will circulate.
Killing a rumor is impossibly much harder to do than spread one.
If somebody starts that rumor, they're going to believe it.
The rumor is so persistent that the national news service has to go to great lengths to deny it two days later.
We'll still have to qualify this as a rumor, though.
And suddenly the rumor was everywhere-he was telling everybody, which made it true.
Rumor has it that she's planning to make the leap to this continent soon.
The one thing that troubles me is when rumor becomes hatred and prejudice towards a group of people.
History is a rumor, science a series of magic tricks.
When the market sees the ramp and hears the rumor, all join in.
It's closed supposedly to renovate, but the rumor is that it doesn't have the money.
Some people have a resistance to innuendo and to rumor, and some people have absolutely no immunity to it.
Stock fluctuations based on rumor and innuendo are a constant source of aggravation.
Chances are, the email in your inbox from your friend is what started the rumor mill going.
Every school that has a blood drive seems to have that rumor.
Popular rumor and myth have always swirled around the edifice.
His colleagues marveled at his marksmanship, and rumor has it that he killed several soldiers.
We think of gossip as being petty, rumor-inducing, and generally an unsavory means of communication.
But before the ice went out, the rumor received official confirmation.
According to island rumor, the trick was to entice ships into seeming safe harbors.
There's a near constant trickle of fear, rumor and hype among the protesters.
For all these questions the rumor mill provided answers, but tentatively.

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