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Example sentences for rummage

Reality is a natural place to rummage for ideas for a television producer who is out of writers to provide them.
Wild boars rummage through the underbrush here, rooting for fungi and small plants to eat.
Thousands of dealers, acres of stuff to rummage through in.
Ask him to explore an idea and he'll rummage happily.
In the early days the customer was left to rummage through the racks.
Take an instant vacation from the workaday world rummage through the musical library in your pocket.
She jumped out of the hammock and ran down to the bank to rummage for a good strong replacement.
They rummage around in the basket until, with a triumphant cry, they pull a rolled-up piece of paper out of one of the apples.
Farther down, the doctors rummage under the slough of intestines as though through a poorly organized toolbox.
Some people will do as they please, since in practice employers rarely rummage through workers' gear, or their locked cars.
After breakfast you can rummage through collections of dinosaur bones, go bird-watching, or hike in the hills.
Bears have been known to rummage through the campground, so if camping, store all food in bear-proof containers.
The pair become fast friends, attending a number of folk concerts and rummage sales together.
If you want to lose your awe of someone, rummage around his or her closets.
These lizards rummage around through leaf litter foraging for termites, their favorite food.
The intruders continued to rummage through the rest of the house.
For example, some libraries may have special annual fundraising activities, such as rummage sales or auctions.
For decades, grizzly bears were allowed to rummage through garbage dumps searching for food.
If you know your moving date well in advance, consider having a rummage sale or donating items you don't want.
These can include libraries, school and church rummage sales, and other local charities.

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