rumination in a sentence

Example sentences for rumination

The piece begins with a rumination on the effectiveness of last year's stimulus plan.
Cyberspace becomes for both a subject of rumination.
Alas, the ocean's edge is not the place for such a rumination.
She deferred further rumination while carefully drawing in the upper bow.
Rumination only works if it dovetails into an effective solution.
After years of rumination, it gradually dawned on me that there may be an underlying biological component to such behavior.
Interestingly for boys, co-rumination seemed to help the friendship but did not increase depression and anxiety.
Astronomy has a worthwhile rumination on the importance of science in the election.

Famous quotes containing the word rumination

Ishmael's thought consciously extends itself to get behind the world of appearances; he wants to see and to understand e... more
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