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Example sentences for rumble

One hears the thumping of a car stereo or the rumble of thunder from a distance.
Next year will see more efforts to rumble the scofflaws.
One hears the throaty rumble of an old but powerful engine.
We learned that semis rumble down the highway all night.
Rumble was convicted of using the mail for fraudulent purposes.
Or that freight trains rumble and moan through the low-slung downtown day and night.
Essentially, it would pile huge amounts of loose rumble on top of the spill, hoping it would clog it.
Drivers and cars get ready to rumble in makeshift service pits.
They also bring out subtle details in music, and can make floors and walls rumble.
The conversation paused when an engine rumble neared.
But across the spectrum there is a growing rumble of dissatisfaction with the king.
For example, an earthquake might start out slow, and then continue to rumble for a set amount of time.
Pre-orders are then gathered until the threshold is met and the production lines rumble into life.
Maybe it's the low rumble of nearby construction or the high whine of a turboprop.
The rumble of journalists heading out of the door to file the news is testament to the remarkable turn of events.
It made me imagine how deadly a rumble with a grizzly in the wild would be.
Cars and buses rumble along them without a worry, precisely because they have to use studded winter tyres, as mentioned above.
They rumble to each other, and at times their communication seems almost telepathic.
Busch was able to keep the engine fired and rumble to his pit.
Drivers, seeing the unusual pavement and hearing the rumble of bricks under their tires, instinctively slow down.
The curtain has closed and the audience is in a rumble of consternation.
He let it rumble and stop, rumble and stop three full times so that the caller would not suspect how lonely he was.
The attendees were mostly older people, in vaguely nautical garb, and they were in a mood to rumble.
His loud high cry travels down the scale, ending as a low rumble.
No romantic scene with lightning and delayed rumble.
But as crime dropped, the mayor and the chief began to rumble.
While waiting, he said, he heard the rumble of a train and looked up.
The second rumble involved only a fight between the two gang leaders.

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