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The ship's condition-intact and with full cargo-seemed to rule out pirates.
We can't really rule out individual, geographic, or age variation yet.
Some people did rule out the whole financial sector, seeing money as being unimportant.
Don't rule out the bottom shelf, you can find good-value bulk wines there.
It was instead looking ahead to other projects, but didn't rule out future consideration.
Contemplating relocation seems to rule out new romantic relationship possibilities.
Equally surprising was that some candidates didn't rule out another bailout if the economy takes a turn for the worse.
One's doctor should take special precaution to rule out these more serious conditions before arriving at a diagnosis of an ulcer.
The scientists didn't rule out the possibility that life could occur in some truly alien chemistry.
But interestingly, the observations do not rule out the main modified theories.
Insurers would be motivated to pay for tests that could rule out an expensive cancer treatment as unlikely to work.
Apparently not, he says, but that doesn't rule out its presence.
However, this does not rule out nonlinear effects that may allow small instabilities to grow rapidly.
And that could make it easier to rule out the pseudo-sweet spots that would soak up money while producing no gas.
Explaining this or that about the natural world does not of course rule out religious belief.
The fact that no such mice happened to exist at the time certainly does not rule out that they might have come into existence.
Ordinarily, such stakes would rule out radical experimentation.
The founder had chucked his coding rule out of the window.
If such remedies were prescribed in drastic form, they might well rule out both mergers.
Many of these treaties explicitly rule out immunity for any official, including a former head of state.
They rule out the cities, which are thick with monsters.
The row is threatening to undermine the coalition, with the prime minister refusing to rule out further drilling.
However, military leaders continue to rule out such action.
One way to arrive at a useful definition is to rule out what innovation is not.
Don't rule out regular lodges, which sometimes bill these as family packages.
The birds were healthy otherwise, but test results will take a week to rule out chemicals or disease.
He didn't rule out adding another team in the future but sounded ready to stand pat for a while.
Laboratory tests may be done to rule out infection or an autoimmune disorder.
Therefore, a negative test does not always rule out the disease.
Cluster symptoms, however, are usually precise enough to rule out these other types of headaches.
Further tests may be needed to rule out other reasons for the tremors.
However, the presence of these symptoms does not always rule out a serious heart event.
Various tests or procedures may be done to rule out possible causes of head and neck pain.
The diagnosis must also rule out diseases of the organ that is affected by this hormone.
The following tests may be performed to rule out other causes of dizziness.
However, an exam is often helpful to confirm the diagnosis and rule out complications such as an abscess.
Not really though science does not rule out its possibility.
We can then rule out many possible paths it may take.
Although these findings do not rule out environmental factors, they do strongly suggest a genetic component.
The key concept here is that the goal of the study is to consider epigenetic effects and rule out effects of genetic inheritance.
It becomes the background for universes to develop and would not rule out either a big bounce or a big bang.
In principle, such tests could effectively rule out theories of micrometer-size extra dimensions, he says.
There is not enough data to rule out natural variability as the fundamental cause.
And in response to the expense and training required to perform this- it doesn't rule out the possibility.
The details can get tricky, but that doesn't rule out the premise.
Nor does the concept rule out the need for some pesticides.
Although, quadrupedal locomotion does not rule out the possibility of such development.
If doctors rule out leprosy because the patient hasn't left the country, they could be doing them a disservice.
It implies that the patient is highly unlikely to recover, but it doesn't rule out the odds of such a recovery.
The only way to rule out the buoyancy effects of air is remove the air itself.
It's still not possible to completely rule out geological sources.
Either way, this should prompt people to develop a scheme for gathering data to rule out the existence of another planet.
No known laws of physics rule out time travel, but venturing to another era is rife with paradoxes.
People die of natural causes, but you can't use that fact alone to rule out homicide in any particular case.
The research team says some studies do not do enough to rule out the false positives.
Of course, it doesn't rule out testing of an anti-missile system.
Simply being physically inaccessible doesn't necessarily rule out science.
And the firm declines to rule out the possibility that some destruction continued even after that date.
Until now, researchers had not been able to rule out the role of genes.
With limited budgets that rule out big-name commentators, they've had to offer their readers something new: straight news.
She didn't jump into the race, but she didn't rule out a run, either.

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