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The quake-and subsequent tsunami-destroyed thousands of buildings, trapping people in the ruins.
The park is dotted with old buildings and ruins, the physical remains of those past settlements.
The only thing that time per se produces is: wrinkles, arid bones and ruins.
Yet often the same condition eventually ruins their inventiveness and their lives.
Monetary expansion ruins the price mechanism--the coordination mechanism of the economy.
There were the smoke and the glare, and the walls and chimneys in ruins.
He ruins himself in promises and clears himself by giving nothing.
In the afternoon the tide stranded the boat, and left it a hundred yards or so to the westward of the ruins of the enclosure.
The reasons of whose ruins, are diversely given by those that ground their opinions on second causes.
The green lawns were carefully mowed around the precise square and rectangle ruins.
We have the benefit of cover, lush overgrowth and ancient ruins.
The noisy crowd ruins an otherwise excellent performance.
Thoroughly abstract, the eerie, iconic shapes had all the power of sun-baked ancient ruins.
It is place where the modern world meets ruins from thousands of years ago.
However, if you have the time a trip to some of the other less visited ruins is highly recommended.
Visitors can view ruins of the fort's hospital and barracks.
Writer visits a set of ruins near the capital with two local guides.
Future historians, surveying the ruins of our civilization, may discover a correlation between wine production and sovereign debt.
Morandi fumbled, thrillingly, amid the ruins of mental concepts of space.
Describes visiting nearby ruins of an ordnance plant.
Looming above the debris were the ruins of the housing complex.
The intellectual and ideological basis of the work was in ruins.
The ruins will be dismantled with remote-controlled equipment, preparing them for permanent storage at a future site.
The newest member of the family, the dog, ruins the cake.
Bacteria ruins the flavor and shortens the shelf life of food.
Much of the country was bombed, burned, and looted into ruins.
But they can't give you that one kick in the shins that ruins everything.
More commonly, you will see roofless concrete shells, the ruins of communist-era collective farms or tractor stations.
Another intriguing application is to help archaeologists study ancient ruins.
Seven floors of shops, restaurants and a cinema lie in ruins.
Its transport, education and health systems were in ruins.
But it completely ruins our attempt to set up conditions in the other box so that entropy goes down.
It kills and ruins lives more than you can ever imagine.
The already war-damaged capital has been reduced to ruins.
Ancient ruins are everywhere, of course, but seem to have little to do with anything else.
The lucky ones will have been pulverized in the icy ruins of the ravaged but fiercely defended city.
But when you lift all the plastic sheets, all you see are today's ruins.
He sets forth his findings beside the myths rather than on their ruins.
Much of the population had by then returned, and wooden houses were scattered among the ruins.
And it was true: widows and orphans were as ubiquitous as graveyards and ruins in the valley.
Because it gets us into trouble, it ruins our national--our defense is poor now.

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