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PPt can be an incredible tool when used correctly and ruinous if not.
Instead they were used to create a false financial system that is ruinous for our countries.
The downpour of the past two days has been ruinous to entertainment in the suburbs.
Given that cohort, presidential cowardice doesn't have ruinous effects.
If it snaps, a ruinous return to protectionism beckons.
Landlords here have complained for years that this city's rent-control laws are ruinous.
But in many poor nations, a sudden influx of oil money has proven ruinous.
But naive faith in regulators' powers creates ruinous false security.
Any well-founded impression that the timing is governed by domestic political concerns would be ruinous.
They have been ruinous for the people whose homes and businesses have been damaged and destroyed.
Legislation to finally end their ruinous economic and political influence is long overdue.
Rather, they suffer from a gambling compulsion-a ruinous addiction to risk.
Flights are full, and prices of hotel rooms ruinous.
The question is why financial systems are so liable to turn foreign credit into ruinous busts.
We don't need ruinous short-term attempts to reduce the deficit that will plunge the economy into a double-dip recession.
If so, the fines and sanctions suffered by the auditing firm and its partners may be stiff but not ruinous.
There was also something about what might have been addiction, and that's a chronically ruinous thing.
High fees and scams could make it an expensive if not ruinous investment.
It would involve enough revenue to forestall ruinous cuts in domestic programs.
They began by deciding not to charge the sort of ruinous prices that are prevalent in nearby restaurants.
The subtler trap, particularly for politicians, is that confidence and better news create ruinous complacency.
Ultimately it is ruinous to the nation, draining it both morally and economically.
Of course, a one off rise in prices would be ruinous because these changes take time.
Having a criminal record of course, is pretty ruinous to someone's prospect of being a good worker for life.
Both at home and abroad, the outgoing prime minister has opted for doing too much way too often, and to a ruinous effect.
The latter are far more ruinous to liberty, and more enabling of tyranny.
It has been severely bombed and drawn into a ruinous war.
Deficits need not be ruinous, especially if they finance profitable investment.
Poverty is ruinous to the fabric of societies-but it also tears at the ties between nations.
Mortgage fraud is a ruinous blight on communities, the banking industry, and the nation as a whole.
To avoid the possibly ruinous injury claims, many companies took out expensive employers' liability insurance.
Most of the time the system works well but when the system breaks down, the consequences can be ruinous.
Ruinous fires frequently destroyed potential regeneration and scarred remaining trees.

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