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Improperly stored for centuries, many of these works have already been ruined.
That's how the police found me the other night, in these ruined houses.
It had its origin in the necessities of disordered finance, prostrate commerce, and ruined credit.
And the ignorant, an expression by which the shrewd sage is ruined.
The things that he takes such good care of you borrow and bring back ruined.
People would snicker behind your back, your scientific career would be ruined, and you wouldn't get tenure.
Performing an experiment, and suddenly getting a phone call could mean a ruined experiment.
The natural environment where your home or apartment once stood has been ruined for your benefit.
Heath care costs have become insanely high because the industrialization of medicine has ruined the doctor-patient relationship.
It causes great harm to the tourist business with guests staying away in the belief that the reef is ruined.
Job never put up any stoves-it would have ruined his reputation if he had.
The cautionary tale of my ruined engagement ring, with a foray into the science of gold and diamonds.
No more ruined credit and dashed hopes of home-ownership.
After his release, the student seemed to be in shock, muttering that his life had been ruined.
Dominant pitching performances can be ruined by an inexperienced bullpen.
No ruined credit, no debt collectors buying bad loans for pennies on the dollar, no punitive fines and penalties.
They cannot rent an apartment or get utilities turn on, they have ruined credit by missing payments on their student loan.
The problem is that careers are ruined out in the open with no one held accountable.
Many lives will and have been ruined, many lives will and have been wasted.
There is, however, a life compromised and often even ruined.
Or, a guy has potentially had his reputation ruined for the crime of using the same username as an unintelligent cheat.
My cameras in the plane were ruined, but one camera in a floating case survived.
Their toil feeds the world's hunger for gold, and leaves a ruined landscape in its wake.
She's trying to educate as many people as possible about this treasure-before it's ruined.
It was lingering near the couple's remains, which were tangled up in their ruined tent.
Great video ruined by an out of context audio track.
Entire batches can be ruined with a big smudge or rain drops.
Now ruined brown lands are once again becoming green.
It's too bad that we've gone and ruined so much of this amazing place.
On the other side of the stone wall was a ruined city.
Unfortunately, life is also getting a little ruined in the process.
City workers carted away ruined furniture, including pianos, left on curbs.
Mo farmers return to lands ruined by blown levee.
These ratings can mean the difference between a lifelong memory or a ruined vacation.
There are few concrete monsters, but coasts have been ruined by unregulated ribbon development, which puts off tourists.
Ruined harvests caused crippling food shortages that put more than half of the population at risk of going hungry in the spring.
It is nauseating to see bosses who have ruined their companies gorging themselves on stock options.
Dozens of houses in the next-door village were ruined beyond repair.
He offers literary advice, teaches creative writing and tries to untangle his customers' ruined lives.
Food prices may rise because of ruined corn and wheat crops.
But they may also have led to a lasting perception that the shore has been ruined.
Safari lodges are mostly closed, and package tourism on the coast is ruined for the rest of the year.
Many mines have now been flooded, and railway lines ruined.
As a consequence, several farmers committed suicide, because their life was ruined.
They had a brilliant idea and people have ruined it.
The devastating fires this month have ruined lives and livelihoods.
Servers that are ruined can be rebuilt, or new ones installed.
The failure to successfully meet these commercial requirements have ruined billions of algae, not to mention investors.
How about the fresh water well that are ruined by salt intrusion when the oil is removed.
But history is as much a series of accidents and ruined schemes as it is of great plans.
Empty life vests and rafts both whole and ruined littered the water.
She had to have everything, didn't she, and now she'd ruined my life.
The terrifyingly erudite commenters on this blog have ruined my day.
Think of all those ruined forums, temples, marketplaces.
They worry they may have been ruined for anything else.
They dragged out carpets bearing his image-a common sight in official buildings-to be stomped on in doorways or ruined by traffic.
When she learns he is financially ruined, she lends him her savings.
The city is a decent place to make a life, instead of a ruined paradise or a metaphor for chaos and emptiness.
He rushes to the laundry in a desperate attempt to salvage his art treasure, but it has already shrunk and is ruined.
People live in the hulls of abandoned rocket ships believing they are the towers of ruined castles.
Along came the interstate, apparently, and ruined everything.
If it had gone wrong it would have ruined his career.
Possibly overly paranoid, but seeing a few lives ruined up close will do that.
Clouds have ruined all the exciting astronomical phenomenon this month.
It completely ruined any remaining credibility you might have had.
We all thought his career would be ruined, but instead the tragedy only enhanced his notoriety.
Their town was ruined, and they had nowhere to go: no one would buy their houses now.
They'd come in through my beautiful bathtub window, ruined the new bathtub with their breaking.
It's a great, powerful nation down on one knee trying to coax-once and for all-these war-ruined people over to our side.
Clearly, somebody had to stop this monster before his reign of terror ruined any more lives.
If your books are in a warm and humid place with little air circulation, they will mold and may be ruined permanently.
The flood blocked sewers, washed out water lines and telephone services, and ruined roads.
Take photographs of ruined items for insurance claim purposes.
The forests were depleted, and the region was economically and ecologically ruined.
The extensive monastery and convents attached are plainly indicated by ruined walls.
But if they become accustomed to humans, their natural ways are ruined.
It has not only ruined the ceiling, but also my things that were stored in the area under the leak.
Most homeowners policies do cover appliances and electronics ruined by a power surge.
Yet a good time on the community or school playground can be ruined by a fall, entrapment, cut or another type of injury.
In either case, the structure is ruined, but the plastic behavior of the steel allows time for escape.
He began his musical studies on the trumpet, but a car accident ruined his embouchure.
The oil ruined a few pieces of turnout gear and personal clothing.
Most of the ruined buildings were of poor construction, however.
These people's lives are being ruined due to the mismanagement of the economy.
But for many park users, an enjoyable ritual of summer has already been ruined.

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