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Rugged mountains and untamed forest came to represent a country that wanted to see itself as strong and fertile.
They leave the jail rugged and healthy from the sane and vigorous existence they have led while there.
The park's rugged mountain environment offers hikers plenty of scenery and a mix of both easy and strenuous conditions.
Rugged mountains dominate the terrain and make the building of roads and other infrastructure difficult and expensive.
She notes that the traditional view of society as a collection of rugged individualists is wrong.
Beyond a chain of rugged mountains, it swings south and then west.
Great storm protection and four-season mountaineering features in a rugged design made for two.
Cars and trucks have a small, rugged box of electronics that can reveal how the vehicle was operating before a crash.
Bathing outdoors is the height of mountain living, especially when done in a rugged style.
Traditionally, rugged laptops have required a military-grade surplus of tradeoffs.
How rugged the pioneers must have been to conquer this gorgeous but inhospitable terrain.
They have created a tolerant yet orderly society, and have married mateship with rugged individualism.
Wolverines are busy animals, roving over their broad and rugged territory to acquire food and mates.
Most were subsequently found alive after having become hopelessly lost in dense underbrush and rugged volcanic terrain.
Rugged as the town was, the name referred not to tombstones but to the slabs of rough wood used in building construction.
The tourist industry revolves around outdoor, rugged activities with no mention of the arts or amenities.
It will not be possible to seal the rugged and unfenced border between the two countries entirely.
That's the view of a rugged new brand of athletes called adventure racers.
Archaeological sites are often in remote and rugged areas.
Tough, carefree shrubs may not be bothered by such intrusion, but less rugged individuals may be weakened.
If you're in the market for a rugged tactical camera, you may want to get out your credit card now.
Upon such rugged intellectual foundations is technology built.
Rugged terrain and heavy rainfall mean that the power produced will be low.
The cabin is both a launchpad for surfing and a place to relax in the rugged landscape.
Certain varieties are fast growing yet extremely rugged.
Since then, the rugged all-wheel-drive off-road vehicle has come a long way.
Severely disabled patients exploring rugged mountains and valleys.
Azure seas and sandy beaches give way to rugged hillsides scented with thyme and rosemary.
Its spaciousness, rugged build and relative simplicity appeal to buyers who prefer a well-priced new vehicle to a secondhand one.
Find out how the residents of this rugged country are changing the balance toward free time and family.
Biology may predispose, but even in the rugged world of metal bashing, it is not necessarily destiny.
It's not as svelte as the iPod but it seems a lot more rugged and scratch-resistant.
Take a tour of this stunning natural landmark, and learn about the growing threats to the canyon's rugged but delicate beauty.
The rugged terrain also allows insurgents to operate with a good level of freedom.
Now imagine that rugged little piece of equipment on a tougher grander scale.
They're big and rugged, and can carry lots of cargo.
Moreover, they are rugged and do not require liquid-nitrogen cooling, making them compact enough to fit inside a shoe box.
As you stare at the heart, what's striking is that it looks so rugged and industrial, almost steampunk.
The guys who work indoors can't project this rugged proletarian image.
As directed, the robot will move in any chosen direction, rotate its television head to survey the rugged lunar terrain.
New incredibly rugged instruments lowered right into volcanoes may give scientists the data they need to make better predictions.
The high country was higher than what they had imagined, and more rugged, and it stretched on for longer.
The same rugged terrain that makes aviation necessary also means pilots can rely less on air-traffic controllers to help.
He likes the piece for its fine firing qualities and its rugged, dependable mechanism.
Ride through backcountry, rugged terrain, forests and red bluffs and discover secluded ponds and meadows.
GM engineers redesigned the truck's rugged transmission so a driver could smoothly shift power from the wheels to a propeller.
But much of the country is covered by thick tropical forests, and a chain of rugged mountains forms its spine.
My drive, along the wiggly northern coast and across the island's rugged spine, would take me five days.
Adding even more color to these rugged mountains are the people who live in and around the little burgs along the route.
Dressing in layers and wearing rugged outdoor shoes is always a good idea.
They've created twisted, rugged, and beautiful landscapes.
Today, the seas are as rough and the landscape as rugged.
They are rugged-ground and then infused with clarified butter, salt, and touches of honey and brown sugar.
Most of this rugged coastline is undeveloped, offering visitors the chance to enjoy the natural world.
The experience was rugged, and sometimes exhausting, but it satisfied his soul and his scientific curiosity.
But these vast structures must be rugged enough to endure gales and extreme turbulence.
These new mountains, by turning flat savannas to rugged foothills, may have robbed the terror birds of their habitat.
The underside of the mantle-the boundary between it and the liquid outer core-is probably rugged terrain.
The rugged, arid landscape of juniper forest proves a rich habitat for wildlife.
It turns out that melanosomes are incredibly rugged, sometimes enduring for millions of years.
Natural selection favors organisms with a more rugged network.
And their rugged distinctiveness makes them all the more interesting.
The normally rugged surface of the lava flow has been smoothed over by fine dust that settled out of the atmosphere.
Heat and mineral-rich fluids may even seep into the lake through rifts in its rugged floor.
It must also be rugged enough to withstand what people do every day.
It is going to be time consuming to drop hay on the no-doubt rugged remote land.
But in the rugged western corner of the plateau, the story is different, according to a new study.
Rugged mountains, creased with sharp canyons and arroyos, overlook vast deserts.
With a turn round the rugged tree-stump there on the purple canyon's lip.
Never did apiary have a finer outlook or more rugged surroundings.
When he came back to us he went to work with all his rugged strength.
While spare, his figure has an appearance of rugged health, of great nervous strength held in reserve.
They're low-maintenance and rugged, and they have appointments best suited for all-weather riding.
Extremely rugged without cutting into weight or performance.
She thinks hardware has to become more rugged and that error rates need to fall from one word in six to one in ten.
Climb into the hills behind and rugged motorcycles share the streets with loaded donkeys.
These are obviously dated planes, but quite rugged and reliable.
He swaps out the bleached-blond hair and earrings for a rugged beard and eyebrow stud.
Even if the rugged-looking crew didn't turn out to be the police, the telephones have been out these many years.
Old houses with dainty gingerbread trim nestle against rugged rock marked with the tailings of spent mines.
On this pristine east coast, topography varies from rugged cliffs to serene beaches, and the views seem to extend to infinity.
The landscape of the county is rugged and mountainous.
The landscape of the county is rugged: mountainous in the north to rugged, rolling terrain in the south.

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