ruffle in a sentence

Example sentences for ruffle

Their revelation appears unlikely to ruffle diplomatic relations.
They ruffle their feathers in it to rid themselves of parasites.
We didn't really think it would ruffle any feathers.
Amateurs usually do their clamming by hand in summer, when the water is soft and warm and the surf a mere ruffle.
On the pier, pelicans ruffle their feathers and regard us in silence.
Well, here's a call that won't ruffle anyone, and also one that is never disputed.
He knew he would ruffle more than a few epaulets, even with the amnesty granted the military in the peace accords.
The vest, cuffs, and ruffle around the bottom of the skirt are of red velvet.
Heat until oysters are plump and edges begin to ruffle.

Famous quotes containing the word ruffle

Alack, the night comes on, and the bleak winds Do sorely ruffle; for many miles about There's scarce a bush... more
No memories of felicity save with faint ruffle of sorrow... more
The Frenchman invented the ruffle; the Englishman added the shirt.... more
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