ruffed in a sentence

Example sentences for ruffed

He ruffed a diamond, ruffed a heart, and ruffed another diamond with his last trump.
When this held he ruffed a spade, overtook the diamond king with the ace and ruffed a diamond.
He then finessed the nine of spades and ruffed his remaining heart.
East won with his ace and led a club, but declarer ruffed and claimed.
South won in the dummy, ruffed out the club ace and drew the missing trumps.
West ruffed, cashed his club ace and gave his partner a club ruff.
He pitched dummy's last heart on his king of clubs, ruffed a heart in dummy, came to a high trump and ruffed a club.
When he played today's four hearts, he ruffed the second diamond, led a trump to dummy and returned a club.
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