ruff in a sentence

Example sentences for ruff

Louie must win the first heart, cash his high clubs and diamonds, ruff a diamond and ruff a club.
The first one to be studied is the ruff, a shorebird that gathers in large groups during mating season.
The defense began with two top hearts and a heart ruff.
The winning line was to ruff with the spade ace, play a trump to dummy's king and discard the heart king on the diamond ten.
East led another diamond, making dummy ruff with its last trump, and the defenders took the remainder.
West ruffed, cashed his club ace and gave his partner a club ruff.

Famous quotes containing the word ruff

He is no longer a city dweller who has even once in his life caught a ruff or seen how, on clear and cool a... more
My great brother Lord of the Song wears the ruff of forest bear.... more
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