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Example sentences for rudiments

They go to such places seeking in the simpler societies the rudiments of human.
Over the course of a few months, all seven patients developed the rudiments of walking.
Pedestrian dialogue doesn't give the cast much to work with beyond rudiments of motivation and story points.
But it's also possible that the rudiments of ethical behavior are simply.
Businessmen he lectures to do not even know the rudiments of doctrine.
Recruits are sent to learn the rudiments of military life, not to learn about gender equality.
Relying on ordinary people to spread the word, the churches are particularly good at conveying the rudiments of management.
Recreation homes reintroduce the necessary connection between people and the rudiments of place.
The manner in which he acquired the rudiments of his education has become a familiar story.
Along with his colleagues, he has learned the rudiments of mime and juggling.
The sound begins with the basic rudiments of blues, and then goes off in some direction, usually clangorous.
That's where you learn the rudiments of the story and are dispatched to prove your mettle.

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