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But, actually, ants can do it in a rudimentary form.
They usually have little background in health care and only rudimentary training.
Government regulations covering orbital debris are still rudimentary.
The key precondition for this sort of marketplace is the presence of rudimentary secular values.
Climbing gear was rudimentary-some pitons were hammered out of stove legs.
Blind mice developed rudimentary vision when researchers activated certain retinal cells using a gene commonly found in algae.
Only a rudimentary knowledge of grammar is required because the syntax is already laid out for you.
So far these microstructures are rudimentary--far from the structural sophistication of a whole organ.
Atmospheric physics is so complex that climate scientists have only a rudimentary understanding of how it works.
Communications and information-gathering capabilities are either rudimentary or non-existent.
Other experiments have found that monkeys even have a rudimentary sense of ownership and respect for property.
Archaeologists say they brought domesticated cattle and sheep with them, and engaged in rudimentary agriculture.
But rudimentary as it is, the information that has been collected is enough to dispel some egregious myths.
Researchers in each of the labs have built the first rudimentary components of a working quantum computer.
Nonetheless, animals can turn their entire bodies into rudimentary rolling wheels, albeit without the accompanying axles.
More likely it was an advantage in food acquisition or production, such as rudimentary domestication of animals and/or plants.
In a rush the engineers put together a rudimentary probe and launched.
It can remember the past and guess at the future in a rudimentary way.
Rudimentary geometry informs us how perspective behaves.
Non-intelligent species were too rudimentary or too far away to be detected.
But for the manner in which you measure to get a limited handle on the nature of an atom, it works for rudimentary exercises.
But telepathy does not seem to exist even in rudimentary form in the animal kingdom.
Cave swiftlets navigate with rudimentary sonar, too.
Perform some kind of rudimentary research and experiment in any field of science.

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