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Example sentences for rudely

Never behave indifferently or rudely towards customers.
And of course, a job when you get paid to yell at people rudely.
We didn't rudely crash a piece of junk into the moon for the sheer thrill of it.
We have an anonymous commenter telling us that other unnamed people behaved rudely at some vaguely described event.
No one wants to be treated rudely or taken for granted.
If you're the one who rudely mentions dieting or calories, stop.
If you want to rudely weigh in on a conversation that ended two weeks ago, do it somewhere else.
No doubt about it, there are curt and haughty doctors out there, behaving rudely to fellow physicians and nurses alike.
We were rudely shaken from these rosy dreams by a distress signal from the bike.
The crocodiles rudely took the experimental snails from my hand through the heavy mesh.
To compensate it provides the service badly and rudely.
They rudely jostled a bystander who didn't move aside quickly enough.
They didn't turn my car inside out, or treat me rudely.
If you're treated rudely here, don't take it personally.
Many holders of whole-life, or cash-value, life insurance policies are being rudely surprised.
He opted in and then pretty rudely refused even to pretend to follow the basic format.
When they turned him down, he treated them coldly or rudely or something.
He protests loudly and rudely, but she will not be dissuaded.
At home he's rudely outspoken, even about interior decoration.
When he finally does vent his opinions, he is ostracized as rudely as possible.
As suffragists pled their cause in the packed hearing room, committee members rudely read newspapers, or stared at the ceiling.
And they were rudely reminded that red tape prevents projects from being shovel-ready.
The teller at the bank, the clerk at the store and the waiter and waitress can ignore us or treat us rudely.
If an applicant speaks rudely to you, you must still respond professionally.
In addition, some of the bus drivers have been behaving rudely toward area residents.
Some colleagues behave rudely when they are anxious and overwhelmed.
Waiting in line at the post office to be treated rudely then drag the shipment to the car.
Their investors are being rudely reminded that alpha-returns cannot, by definition, be universally achieved.
Many three-story houses were rudely converted into two-story residences with the rafters exposed.
She talked about being singled out by strangers, who rudely would approach her to talk about her disability.
People were getting good and tired of being treated rudely.

Famous quotes containing the word rudely

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