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And blue, gray or amber frames help tone down ruddy complexions.
His portly figure and ruddy face suggest that he is no stranger to either of these items.
Many vessels were left unglazed to show off the ruddy color of natural terracotta.
Paprika is commonly used for its ruddy color rather than for its taste.
The layers are an improbable red that can vary from a fluorescent pink to a dark ruddy mahogany.
Well, the employment report is hardly a sign of an economy in ruddy health.
These wares begin with raw clay pulled from the ruddy hillsides and prepared for throwing on the potter's wheel or hand-building.
Pausing in his duties, a ruddy-faced lamplighter in plain homespun pauses to carouse with his fellows in the village streets.
Ruddy ducks and cinnamon teal buzz by, while great blue herons lord over them all from the shallows.
He is eighty now, with ruddy skin and a full head of white hair.
Their faces-deeply lined, ruddy, sometimes pouchy-are loaded with individual character.
It resembles the prank of boys, who run with fire-engines to put out the ruddy aurora streaming to the stars.
Therewith the goddess spread a table with ambrosia and set it by him, and mixed the ruddy nectar.
His lips, ruddy and shapely, were inches from her eyes as he felt for the fit.
Ruddy-cheeked and plaid-clad, he could as easily be out here hunting chukar or mending downed fences.

Famous quotes containing the word ruddy

Now he was ruddy, and had beautiful eyes, and was handsome.... more
My beloved is white and ruddy, the chiefest among ten thousand. His head is as the most fine gold, his lock... more
Without, the frost, the blinding snow, The storm-wind's moody madness— Within, the firelight's ruddy glow... more
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