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The same sensor is used on a boat to shine a beam off the tiller bar, using the reflection to measure the angle of the rudder.
For years big ship propulsion had a standard configuration: a propeller in the rear with a rudder behind it to steer.
But you can't make him responsible for the ship's course if he doesn't have control of the rudder.
The same sensor is used on a boat to shine a beam off the tiller bar and use the reflection to measure the angle of the rudder.
These marine systems keep an eye on things such as rudder movements, yaw angles, wind speed and the strain the sails are taking.
To lessen the hogging, for more than fifty years the ship has been without its seven-ton rudder.
Heard of a lady whose toy poodle got upset and hid under her rudder peddles while she was attempting a crosswind landing.
To move among them without a collision is to sail without benefit of a centerboard or rudder.
The animal had a long, stiff tail that served as a stabilizing rudder for gliding flight.
The tip of the rudder was halfway up the second floor.
It took a few minutes to adjust to the sumo match between water and rudder.
The computer steers a rudder, which is usually the only external moving part.
When the human pilot took over, the absence of the autopilot gave him full control over the airplane's rudder.
He that will not be ruled by the rudder, must be ruled by the rock.
The controller has only two major sliders, one controlling the rudder and the other the speed of the propeller.
To jibe-turn with the wind at your back-carefully pull in sail and gently turn rudder, then slowly let sail out on opposite side.
As they drowned, and the fire began to engulf the rudder, she grabbed a small board and floated away.
As they swim, they use their webbed feet to steer, much as a boat uses a rudder.
But the camera found a copper-sheathed rudder and the eerie skeletons of upright paddle wheels.
The whale's flukes, he noticed, were perilously close to the rudder.
The boat became disabled and almost capsized after a rope holding a dingy snapped and got tangled in the vessel's rudder.
Pushing on the rudder pedals will deflect the rudder.
The rudder controls turns to the right or left, or yaw.
The ailerons are used along with the rudder to make turns.
The junks also featured a daggerboard forward of the mast, and a rudder which could have its depth adjusted.

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He that winna be ruled by the rudder maun be ruled by the rock.... more
Then the bowsprit got mixed with the rudder sometimes: A thing, as the Bellman remarked, That frequently ha... more
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