rucksack in a sentence

Example sentences for rucksack

He would whip out a belt-mounted computer, unsling his rucksack, and scan the bookcase in one quick motion.
Some can be pulled from a rucksack and launched by hand.
In his rucksack he carried, besides pencils and notebooks, poetry.
Willy soon spotted me, slowed down, and momentarily gave the impression that he might remove his rucksack and chat for a while.
The poet carries the heaviest load of symbolism in his rucksack.
It has some tiny leather straps so you can grab it and pull it out of your rucksack, airplane carry-on or messenger bag.
Eliminates need to tote along a rucksack full of filters.
Pulling jackknife from rucksack, you scale, gut and trim.
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