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Example sentences for rubric

Give them each a copy of the rubric and have them use it to help them evaluate their own essays.
Each section of the rubric had a unsatisfactory to excellent description of behavior.
Prosecutions for insulting the monarchy come under this rubric.
Tell students that you will use the rubric to evaluate their finished projects.
The selected committee members were blind scored on a five-question application and rubric.
It does provide food for thought, however, a rubric against which to measure your own life.
Definitely agree to the detailed grading rubric for speeches.
Under the rubric of keener co-operation, other big changes could be promoted too.
The broad rubric holds a wealth of music that is now more accessible than ever before.
Grading essays much faster by using a well-crafted rubric and fewer comments.
My rubric is quite detailed, although there are no point values attached to specific criteria.
Many thanks to readers who spotted a grammatical error in this article's rubric.
Then, tell them exactly how you will use the grading rubric to grade their papers.
It remained a mystery that has been widely taught to neurology students under the rubric of freak stories.
Yet the rubric also gives him the opportunity to speculate about a rich variety of subjects.
Beth is sentimental and rash and levelheaded by turns, as if all qualities were permissible under the rubric of erratic.
What you're left with is the inevitable pain of a necessary transition, which might as well be a new rubric for economic coverage.
Of course the science writers thing is less surprising, but they still counted according to my rubric.
It is disingenuous to try to sell the idea of simplification under the rubric of flatness.
Grade student work with a rubric, and tell them the rubric.
Trained readers evaluate the student's essay using the criteria of the scoring rubric and anchor papers.

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