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After the quake she helped lug the conservatory's grand pianos from the rubble.
Unless you were trapped in the rubble and slowly died of thirst.
The main effect of this money is to make the rubble bounce.
The only dry land consists of a few spits of sun-whitened coral rubble and the dead shells of giant clams.
He swings the pick a few times before kneeling to inspect something unusual and then worries at some loose rubble with his hands.
He filled it with smooth rock instead of the usual rubble.
What the people digging through the rubble here at the center of the earthquake zone are pulling out now is entirely inanimate.
The corpses and rubble that littered the streets during five months of civil strife have gone.
It was unreal-an entire city had been reduced to rubble.
Your own street is a clutter of rubble and collapsed buildings.
The cultist becomes noticeably less conscious, my chunk of rubble colliding with his left ear.
Thousands of people were believed to be trapped in the rubble.
Thousands cross within hours, and souvenir hunters soon reduce the wall to rubble.
Soldiers shoveled rubble while residents lined up belongings.
The earthquake demolished buildings and trapped scores of people under rubble.
Glaciers moved down from the mountains, dragging along rocks and the rubble that would be left behind when the ice melted.
The capital's port was wrecked, its airport badly damaged, and its roads choked with rubble and bodies.
They had so much rubble to clear, he says, that they often keeled over in the heat under the weight of their protective gear.
See incredible footage of the tsunami swamping cities and turning buildings into rubble.
No one is alive under the rubble any more, but many people are in mortal danger.
Two were killed, and their office and warehouse of supplies were both reduced to rubble.
Within seconds, the formerly orderly grid of the mine was reduced to rubble.
Witnesses say the city resembled a war zone with bodies littering the streets and buildings reduced to rubble.
Note the coral rubble in the foreground, which was created by the net dragging on the coral reef.
They emerged in a tall, chill, shoulder-wide corridor floored with rubble.
The plucked rubble sticks to the bottom of the glacier.
As the glacier moves, the rubble grinds against the ground.
Several weeks after the hurricane, this neighborhood of bungalows is still scarcely more than piles of rubble.
What was once an archaeological treasure and tour stop became a moonscape of craters and rubble.
Plateaus and high cliff walls bound a lunar landscape of volcanic rubble and seasonal streams.
And they've searched through piles of rubble after earthquakes and other disasters.
In deserted villages a few houses stand among heaps of rubble.
In the ancient world, they built their great temples on the rubble of past civilizations.
The tools, needed for emergency rescue, were under the rubble.
Rescuers and troops worked frantically to clear roads turned to rubble by the powerful quake or blocked by falling rocks and mud.
Reducing a highrise to a rubble pile is a highly challenging, skill-demanding task.
Some scientists have already encountered tsunami rubble at sea.
The cave entrance is nearly invisible, a crack almost buried by the steeply piled rubble of the railway embankment.
Not enough greenery, however, to make any sort of cushion over the rubble below.
Barricades of rubble and barbed wire sprang up across major intersections.
They could reach it fairly easily, by climbing over a pile of rubble.
In scene after scene, they stalk each other, hiding in the rubble.
Behind the new buildings were empty lots strewn with the rubble of demolished courtyard houses and stores.
Too many buildings have fallen down, too much rubble has been heaped up, the moraines and deposits are insuperable.
The lion's sandy color matched perfectly the rubble-studded dirt on which he was lying.
It stands behind its grim security fence, a great gray hulk surrounded by the rubble left over from its construction.
He has used his own family many times in his artwork, mining through the rubble of their lives for something new to say.
He says all he found in the shattered palace was a family living in the rubble.
Work is scarce, and mostly limited to short-term jobs clearing rubble.
It was found amid the rubble, was nursed back to health and was returned to the site last year.
Emergency services are struggling to put a number on fatalities as they continue to pull corpses from buildings reduced to rubble.
Instead, little white markers cut out of polythene bags are still planted along the narrow rubble lane to the cemetery.
Soldiers, police and aid workers are everywhere, making it impossible for any group to really pick through the rubble.
Some are rubble heaps held together only loosely by their own gravity.
Many of the higher-velocity collisions, though, would have produced a lot of rubble and dust instead.
From the rubble he extricated a beautifully crafted, fossilized bone harpoon point.
You've been buried in the rubble of a collapsed building.
When they disintegrate, the rubble from their exterior becomes stony meteorites, and the core creates iron meteorites.
It's a termite city, he says as he walks among the towers and broken rubble.
Refugees would be provided with temporary shelters, jobs, and funding to clear the rubble and rebuild earthquake-proof housing.
Yet one minute the department store was bustling with diners and shoppers and the next, all five floors were a heap of rubble.
It became a staging area for rescue workers searching for survivors in the smoldering rubble at the end of my street.
When they felt a suggestive breeze wafting from a pile of loose rubble, they knew there was a chamber beyond.
They locate people trapped in the rubble of collapsed buildings.
Then the lacy brown clump hung a left, circled a piece of coral rubble, and darted after a speck of food.
When they exhausted a quarry, they stuffed it with rubble or simply abandoned it.
Historians believe a succession of invasion, fire, and earthquake left it covered by thick layers of rubble and dirt.
The power of the tornado turned huge swaths of the city into piles of rubble.
Two years after the quake, there are still collapsed buildings and so much rubble everywhere.
He pushed his family through falling rubble to safety on the street.
Currently the site is little more than dirt and rubble, one of the largest vacant parcels of land in the city.
Ever since, the rubble of old realms has teased and provoked imaginations.
Construction workers will spend the next several weeks clearing the rubble and debris left from the implosion.
Tires may be taken to the rubble site by the resident.
The hottest areas of the rubble appear in shades of purple.
For rubble work surface dressing, the superficial foot, extra price.
Squat lobsters and shrimp were also present on the rubble and in the rocks.

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