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Heaps of stone, bricks, and rubbish obstructed the approaches.
Pretty much all band-related apps are the same, and they're mostly rubbish.
Charging families for each bag of rubbish they produce seems environmentally sound and economically sensible.
Trying to convince people about the benefits of trophy lion harvest is sheer rubbish.
Not an entirely false statement, given that the transcript appears to be rubbish.
Please consult a real security expert before writing such irresponsible rubbish.
Indeed, the grubby courtyard next to a rubbish tip down the dirt lane housing the equipment does not inspire confidence.
The idea that such a broad consensus among scientists from many nations could be a conspiracy if rubbish.
The street is unpaved, muddy and lined with compacted rubbish.
Funny how they pick which bits of rubbish they follow.
Haitians are growing angry over rising food prices and mounting rubbish.
Rubbish may be collected less often, sewage pipes fixed more slowly and staff sent home on certain days.
His head was crushed and his legs were strangely folded behind him, and a small pile of rubbish was gathering around him.
These two should be thrown out on their ears for promulgating such rubbish, along with anyone else involved with them.
My convoluted point is this: for those who get overly uppity about the rubbish, lighten up.
The social sciences are therefore littered with theoretical rubbish which ought long ago to have been carted away.
If you continue to distort the arguments and print this sort of rubbish, you'll soon lose both prestige and readers.
With a loud bang he threw an empty box on the pile of rubbish in the hallway and then went heavily down the stairs.
They had to go with it as unfit, and upon the wave that swept out the last of the rubbish came reform.
The photo's a bit rubbish, but that's deliberate in order to make this more of a challenge.
The collaborators create beautiful pieces made from rubbish.
The idea that commercial outfits focused on the quarterly bottom line can or will do anything but incremental tweaking is rubbish.
In fact harmless little me wrote a post on this previously trotting out some of the rubbish that gets brought up.
As usual, pseudoscientific rubbish all down the line.
For one thing, the pace at which the rich world churns out rubbish has been slowing.
He made sure rubbish was still collected and the police were still on the beat.
The temptation for publishers to churn out rubbish should be resisted.
The cows and their owners are on a barren piece of land, surrounded by ruins, close to the beach which is strewn with rubbish.
Middens, or primitive rubbish dumps, within the caves provide a record of the lives of these coastal people.
Police said two homemade bombs were hidden inside police cones and a third was detonated in a rubbish bin.
But because this rubbish is in the ocean, it drifts.
Stop make rubbish up and tell everyone the truth, as the truth will finally come out soon any way.
Surely if he's marketing his rubbish with false claims of medical efficacy he's committing fraud.
There is plenty of anti-science rubbish on the left also, much of it medical woo.
If a resident has a small amount of leaves, the resident is asked to bag them and dispose of them with regular rubbish collection.
The township contractor will pick up compost materials on your regular rubbish pick up day.
Rubbish and recycling are collected throughout the day.

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