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Rubbing a carpet with a piece of wet tissue to test its colorfastness is akin to licking a shirt before you buy it.
Rubbing the knife with cooking oil will remove the sap.
The waiting room was always full and the office smelled strongly of rubbing alcohol.
On the other hand, many readers wrote telling us how much their dogs enjoyed rubbing up against these plants.
It behaved precisely as though it were rubbing against the ankles of some one who remained invisible.
Lift out of water with skimmer, and remove skin from feet and tail by rubbing with a towel.
And they imagine that by rubbing a paste of the ashes on their hair they prevent the hair from falling off their heads.
He might as well have been rubbing his hands together and cackling.
When rubbing alcohol wouldn't ignite the pair, the youths went to a local service station for gasoline, which worked.
There's plastic in cosmetics that we're rubbing into our skins to exfoliate.
Snap off the bottom three rows of leaves, rubbing the cut surfaces frequently with the lemon quarters as you work.
After rubbing at the wall with ragged sleeves, the discoverers will fall back in awe.
Turn the oranges into a pulp by rubbing them through a sieve or by putting them in an electric blender.
After the meal, she washed my right hand in a tin basin, rubbing my fingers between her own.
All of these factors play a role in determining how much friction there is between two rubbing objects.
The smell of rubbing alcohol is enough to make her feel queasy again.
They expose the spheres to rubbing alcohol, which causes them to deflate and collapse into the dimpled shape of a red blood cell.
First he and his parents and siblings would take turns rubbing their polenta on the fish.
Contact with rubbing alcohol or chlorinated water quickly renders it inactive.
Store the rubbing alcohol solution in a new plastic spray bottle.
These whales often travel close to shore in search of salmon, and enjoy rubbing their bodies on the bottom in shallow water.
Ultrasoft, hand-tanned leather uppers treated with a unique rubbing of olive oil help prevent blisters.
The rubbing causes the stunned, sometimes headless bee to flush its toxins.
The injury has been aggravated by the bear repeatedly rubbing her nose against the bars of her small cage.
The wax lessens the friction, or rubbing, between ski and snow.
The vibe is freewheeling and enthusiastic, with a lot of shoulder rubbing between locals and travelers.
One of their favorite activities is rubbing on certain pebbly beaches in shallow water.
The dog, however, could not be more nervous when the cats are rubbing all over him and walking near his things without a care.
Calluses and corns:Thickened skin from rubbing or pressure.
Chronic picking or rubbing of the skin behind the nail can cause a washboard nail.
Since it dries faster than varnish, it is less likely to collect dust particles as it cures, so it needs less sanding and rubbing.
These crusts bleed when irritated by rubbing, picking, or blowing the nose.
Pain occurs as a result of the inflamed pericardium rubbing against the heart.
Corns develop as a result of friction from the toes rubbing together or against the shoe.
Think of rubbing two sticks together to make a fire.
He believed that the rubbing rendered the amber magnetic.
Generally they used beeswax, rubbing the mummies' leathery skin with the stuff to give them the look of a highly polished shoe.
Here there is nothing for him to do but wait and listen to the silences rubbing against each other.
Prehistoric people first made patterns and images by rubbing chunks of charcoal and iron oxide onto cave walls.
Once more, the achievements of talented people are showcased, thereby rubbing my nose yet again in my own averageness.
However, shortly thereafter the axle shifted and the disc brake started rubbing against other parts.
They were rubbing their marbles and then seeing which ones attracted mosquitoes.
We have gone from rubbing two pieces of cloth together to fusion reactors.
Flames are the friction born of minds rubbing too closely together.
The best painter in the world, as he was often said to be, seemed intent on rubbing the world's nose in human ugliness.
He's rubbing his neck, moving his malleable hair from left to right, and tugging at his eyebrows.
And then there was the time he took to rubbing mutton fat onto his bronzes to improve the patina.
They want to make you uncomfortable by fake-propositioning you or fake-rubbing-up-against-you.
If rubbing alcohol is not available, grab a bottle of distilled water.
If you are unsure, check whether paper is thermally treated by rubbing it with a coin.
Caused by repeated friction and pressure from skin rubbing against bony areas or irregularity in a shoe.
They used to gather in a cavernous hotel ballroom, tables packed with bankers and shopkeepers rubbing elbows with politicians.
Lose weight by wearing products or rubbing products into skin.
They produced isopropyl alcohol, or rubbing alcohol.
When you do this, the quartz pebbles will glow near the site of impact or rubbing.
Isopropyl alcohol is a colorless, flammable liquid with a slight odor resembling that of rubbing alcohol.
Rubbing alcohol is made by diluting either isopropyl alcohol or denatured ethyl alcohol with water.
The mechanical action of rubbing the produce under tap water is likely responsible for removing pesticide residues.
Aluminum foil dipped in water, regardless of folding or rubbing, should have this reaction.
Using a piece of wool or silk, build up a static charge on a plastic comb by rubbing the fabric briskly across the comb.
To apply the paste, press a small amount on the mouth sore without rubbing until a thin film develops.
It can be notoriously unstable and is prone to causing breakdown of soft tissues, as constant rubbing leads to pain and infection.
They gaze ardently into each other's eyes, confide dark secrets, embrace by rubbing cheek to cheek.
To remove stamped bar codes and expiration dates, rub them with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol.
If the grout bleed is a haze, then rubbing it with a dry cloth will take it off.

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