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They then tried to haul it aboard, unintentionally separating the tentacled head from the rubbery tail sheath.
The rubbery surface allows the applied mechanical stress of footsteps to produce piezoelectricity.
His third was to add rubbery dots that keep the pencils from slipping out of sweaty little hands.
Any less salt and the ham would be reduced to a rubbery slab.
And they can print objects in multiple materials, such as a plastic remote-control unit with rubbery buttons.
But to change the aperture you need to dig out a little case containing rubbery, magnetic rings.
In between bones, the rubbery substance that absorbs shock and facilitates movement without injury is cartilage.
The rubbery back panel has enough grip that you don't really need to clamp onto the thing while you're reading.
At that point, they seemed more chewy and rubbery than crunchy.
Obviously, if everyone waits until the checks get rubbery, the chances of avoiding the onrushing debacle are slim.
Cartilage is the firm, rubbery tissue that cushions your bones at the joints, and allows bones to glide over one another.
The remote buttons are rubbery, and the onscreen keyboard is a pain to use.
Its mustard-soy vinaigrette was snappy, but some of the seafood was rubbery.
The financial sector is lurching about on rubbery legs.
Not quite ready for that finishing touch, a rubbery nose the color and size of a cherry.
Shaking the phone vigorously while taking pictures in bright light will produce wonderfully rubbery, fun-house-mirror effects.
It is a thin rubbery silicone band, available in a range of colors, that covers the metal edge entirely.

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The tires slowly came to a rubbery stop.... more
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