rubber stamp in a sentence

Example sentences for rubber stamp

The notary public's seal shall either be a seal press or a rubber stamp.
However, notaries public may use an embosser seal in addition to the rubber stamp.
The use of a rubber stamp of the same size, design and content as that of the embossing seal is permissible.
From a practical standpoint, an inked rubber stamp photocopies much more easily than a seal impression.
The infamous rubber stamp is always readily at hand.
With the legislature reduced to a rubber stamp, the risk is that political conflict will move to the streets.
Notary stamp seals can be purchased at office supply stores, stationary stores and rubber stamp companies.
The physician must initial and completely date all rubber-stamped signatures at the time the rubber stamp is used.
They can be purchased from a bonding company or an independent office or rubber stamp supplier.
Also, acquisition of the rubber stamp is your responsibility.
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