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However, the tradition of nobility and royalty was based upon the same.
Songwriters and music publishers get royalty payments, but musicians and record companies do not.
Rare is the academic author who considers likely royalty payments before embarking on a research project.
They certainly leave open the potential of subsequent development at royalty rates that make sense to investors.
The populace lines up on the main thoroughfare to watch hours of marching bands, homemade floats and home-crowned royalty.
Publishers have already figured this out and enacting more copyright laws and complicated royalty hurdles.
These are some of the foundational concepts of royalty.
The utter failure of the webcasting business hasn't slowed down the recording industry's insistence on a higher royalty rate.
Although royalty rates have come down they are a hefty burden on companies that have attracted customers at such a rate.
Fortunately there's not much pressure to perform for royalty anymore.
Previously, only royalty and soldiers had used watches.
The license shall not require a royalty or other fee for such sale.
He prefers to keep out of the spotlight, content to supplement his monthly income with the occasional royalty cheque.
The latter would not mind some type of scientific royalty these days.
Textbooks are usually happy to authorize reprints of figures for a one time royalty payment to the press.
Both are drought-tolerant and the seeds are royalty-free.
Now other's are refining his invention and the royalty money will go to them.
Purple is prevalent in nature in everything from eggplants to amethysts, and humans have adopted it as a symbol of royalty.
We offer them, royalty-free, to the geek community at large.
She was gilded with the mysterious, mythic aura of royalty.
It then allows prosecution over royalty rates, or restrictions on licensing.
Admirers mobbed her with the kind of fervor usually reserved for rock stars or royalty.
Nor does it necessarily mean giving up a mining royalty either.
Now the antique stores, art galleries and toy shops will have a fashion maverick and rock royalty among the owners.
Royalty once taxed its citizens and chartered corporations.
At her height, her power and reach was the stuff of royalty.
Yet no matter how often a song is played, its composer and lyricist receive no royalty.
The artists and producers did, however, waive the royalty fees to their tracks.
But do not undertake to exercise these prerogatives of royalty until you are quite sure of being crowned.
Deepwater royalty relief consists of discretionary relief and relief that does not require an economic evaluation.
One might expect the coefficient on the number of subscribers to equal the average royalty per subscriber.

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