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The royal couple were unharmed, but made the return journey home after the performance in an armored police truck.
The panel was excavated in perfect condition from a royal ball court.
Or perhaps we've got a drone that's been fed royal jelly all his life.
Royal building programmes and pageantry came to seem wasteful extravagance.
But many less creditable royal interventions have gone underreported and are seldom discussed.
And they were a royal pain about actually delivering the thing.
Or find another reviewer, which is a royal pain as well.
The same goes for the royal army, though the king may not agree.
Over time, robbers raided many of the valley's royal tombs.
Yes, they can do some wonderful things, but they are a royal pain in many ways.
Such a religious shift would have eroded royal authority.
Using a plain, super-fine pastry tip, pipe on ribbons of your favorite homemade royal icing.
When my bare hands emerged from scraping the last bits off the press, they were royal purple.
Party feeling and royal politics made the course of the movement sometimes slower, sometimes tumultuous.
The best of the songs written by official musicians of the court are those in praise of members of the royal family.
The palace population is shrinking, as royal relations and hangers-on are given the boot.
But then no one understands royal money, and it is believed that the royals bring in millions through tourism.
Magic was out, but so too were political parties, banned by royal decree three decades ago.
Commoners, they fear, will lack the sense of duty needed for putting up with royal life.
She simply sat on the floor of the royal chamber and died.
Though the judiciary will become independent, the military will remain under total royal authority.
The beach still bears its royal name, and the waves still roll in impressively.
The taster made the royal eater feel safer, but didn't really protect him or her.
After the beheading, attendees rushed the stage and dipped their handkerchiefs in the royal blood.
The probability is low for elite lineages, especially royal ones, but certainly not zero.
The royal family has proved yet again that it's rather good at weddings.
But some employers aren't heeding the royal command.

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