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Example sentences for rowdy

He wanted a campus where people were close-knit, open to diversity, and not too cliquish or too rowdy.
The dining room walls inspire lively, rowdy meals with good conversation.
It's the smile of a patient schoolmarm familiar with the antics of rowdy students.
Inside a large thatch hut, musicians play loud, frenetic music before a crowd of rowdy onlookers.
The band played whiskey bars, coffee shops, and rowdy house parties.
Spin checks out some rowdy relatives of tame house pets.
It took a while for the consumer electronics industry to accept the rowdy new power brokers.
At night they went out for beer and returned drunk and rowdy.
These are not the typical rowdy drunken gamblers and their wenches revelling in the tavern.
It wasn't a rowdy time caught on camera phone and blown out of proportion.
Fans of this tournament have been tagged a rowdy, disinterested bunch.
The rowdy crowd comes for second- and third-run films, cult films, and midnight shows.
Choices range from cooking, painting, and let's-pretend scenarios to rowdy roughhousing and quiet in-the-lap play.

Famous quotes containing the word rowdy

There are several attitudes towards Christmas, Some of which we may disregard: The social, the torpid, the patently comm... more
A black pall, you know, with a silver cross on it, or R.I.P.—requiescat in pace—you know. That seems to me the most ... more
A gathering of Democrats is more sweaty, disorderly, offhand, and rowdy than a gathering of Republicans; it... more
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