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Offshore, big green sea turtles row slowly by under your boat.
All you had to do was row out to it in a boat and, when you were underneath, prop a ladder against her and scramble up.
And since the series was fairly long, he had to find some way of distributing these images of his in a mental row or sequence.
People are unlikely to play three of the same move in a row.
To get the encoded message, copy down the entire first row and append the entire second row.
By alternating a compost trench between three rows every year, you can give each compost row a year to decompose.
Then there was a dirt road followed by another row of houses.
Line up a row of them in small terra-cotta pots down the center and you're done.
Instead the walls are lined with row after row of identical plaques.
Grandstanding in the run-up to elections has fuelled the row.
Solar farms are impressive to look at, with row upon row of shiny rectangles angling toward the sun.
In each cell, put the number you get by dividing the column number by the row number.
If three singletons appeared in a row on one of the eight boards, that ticket was probably a winner.
Line up the first row with the second row, right sides together, once all the rows of squares are sewn.
The premise is that you keep your hands in one place, with your fingers always on the home row.
Start the next row with a corner block or a half block, so the blocks will be stacked one on top of two.
The grating splits the laser beam into a row of circles.
Sow the seeds, then water and cover the bed with a floating row cover.
The runner wins the game if he reaches the southernmost row of grid spaces.
Use floating row covers until the weather warms or plants begin flowering.
Her teeth arrived in a double row on her lower jaw, and she suffered from an enlarged liver.
My grammar checker chewed me out for using more than three nouns in a row.
Use floating row covers to prevent adults from reaching plants.
Essentially, the charge in each row is moved from one site to the next, a step at a time.
They had blown into another row of oysters and gotten tangled.
Once you load a photo from your camera roll, you see nothing but a row of six icons across the bottom of the screen.
In regions with cool or short seasons, extend growing time by using floating row covers and clear plastic mulches.
Each row of holes punched in the cards corresponds to one row of thread in the design.
Set a row of small-leafed vines in pots on top of a wall and let them cascade at will.
Swim or row ashore and cruise through the old military barracks.
Cover vegetables with floating row covers to exclude leafhoppers.
For planting depth and row spacing, follow the instructions on the seed packet.
Continue adding pods until the outer row is complete.
My own prime location is at the left-hand end of a row or table.
The lenders say they are being defamed, in a row that raises questions about their future in the state.
For years she has studied here, on the second floor of the row house she shares with her husband.
Because they are all coming from the same row of seats in the mezzanine, all the light has exactly the same color.
Plus, you can print out individual records for each row in your excel file and take it with you to the archive.
When posting, try hitting it twice in a row every now and then.
If you don't want the door-opening responsibility, try to sit one row away.
Schilling has published the index for the second year in a row.
In the first row of the left-hand column, ask them to write the name of this culture and the country where these people live.
And the traditional windbreak row of evergreens west of the house is still a good idea.
Model filling in the first row of the chart based on your think-aloud.
Get up with everyone and walk to the end of the pew, letting everyone out of the row.
My seat was barely visible across the cabin, against a window in the next to last row.
Protect from birds with floating row covers or netting.
Explain that alliteration is created when words in a row start with the same sound.
You're not limited to lining up a row of patio chairs and a simple dining group anymore.
If the shutter speed is slow, then each row is slightly blurred, leading to a blurred overall image.
Likewise, it's beneficial to answer multiple questions correctly in a row.
He'd taught the same course five semesters in a row and was scheduled to keep teaching it.
The first row of houses were built on the tidal flats.
Wild turkeys, hummingbirds, deer and rabbits have replaced crammed-in row houses.
For the second year in a row, high-school counselors had a say in the rankings.
If all the ducks aren't yet in a row for the book--publisher, etc--be careful.
They need these things every single day, for thousands of days in a row.
It is situated in the center of the proximal row of the carpus, between the navicular and triangular.
The row of white, sparkling shop-fronts is gashed and bleeding, it bleeds red slippers.
Many an evening hour the five sisters took one another by the arm and rose up in a row over the water.
Each animal was tested once per day, twelve days in a row.
Normal enzyme concentrations turn the dots on the top row blue and yellow.
Also, the fact that each row of keys is more-or-less flat but slightly higher than the previous row conveys a lot of information.
Have each student create a two-column chart with five rows, leaving plenty of room in each row for notes.
His audience: a row of skeptical females fidgeting on an overhanging limb.
Four cranes block out the skyline, but the foreground is row upon row of boarded-up houses and shuttered storefronts.
Of course, you can only do it four times in a row before he gets dizzy, so leave some time in between your slashes.
Quite possibly, this silly row might never have erupted.
Rove's books fill row after row of built-in shelves in his house.
Light reaching the edge of a sheet creates a single horizontal row of the image.
Each row consists of a set of samples from a specific geographic region.
On the second row, the third element from the right, there's a high green with light red and blue.
Reuters reports that the south has started shutting down oil production amid the increasingly bitter row over oil revenue.
Arrayed around him were row upon row of rifles, rockets, missiles and ammunition.
The bottom of second-row seats flip forward and seatbacks fold flat for more cargo room.
Second-row seats fold and flip for access to the back, but don't attempt entry in a skirt or carrying a cane.
We'd had a few fairly solid episode in a row, and the show usually amps up the tension quite nicely at the end of every season.

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