rover in a sentence

Example sentences for rover

Then consider the size of the stage that would have been needed for the rover to run around in.
Some speculated that the rover had fallen into a crater or parked in such a way as to render the reflector inaccessible.
The cost of producing aerogel outweighs the benefits of its use as a replacement for mechanical parts on a space rover.
He leaves the lunar base station to make a repair, only to be injured when he crashes his rover.
The seabed rover rolls into the belly of the main carrier and the mini-sub attaches to the back.
Spirit is a rover no more and is, instead, now a stationary research platform.

Famous quotes containing the word rover

Before a day was over, Home comes the rover, For mother's kiss—sweeter this Than any other thing!... more
Whatever Epic may mean, it implies some weight and solidity; Romance means nothing, if it does not convey some notion of... more
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