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News from the capital: hundreds of rebel soldiers killed or captured, and the rest of the column routed.
The pipeline certainly has to be routed away from the critical aquifers.
Now all but the wealthiest travelers have to book seats far in advance, and end up routed through congested hubs.
The book never quite shakes off a feeling of outrage at having been routed by grief.
Doctors have re-routed nerves in nine patients so far.
Second, each musician is directly connected with the other musicians in a jam session, instead of being routed through a server.
Some routes routed though heavy traffic would be better targets for early market penetration.
However, the mobile phone network is largely static, because calls have to routed through a centralised fibres.
All packets going to the same place are routed along the same path and treated the same way.
The location is then routed through a computer system that gauges the necessary tolls.
And thrice he routed all his foes, and thrice he slew the slain.
To drive them into the river then, they must be routed.
The switchboard operator routed her call to the hotel's security dispatcher.
Only when the packet gets handed off to the corporate intranet is it decrypted and routed to the recipient.
Retail orders can be routed electronically to the exchange via brokers.
When power can be wirelessly routed to such devices, something that is not far off, all the pieces will be in place.
After half a day's sporadic fighting, they were routed.
The capsules are routed through the network by radio transponders incorporated within them.
The slower growths are happening because less of the spends are being routed through ad agencies.
Typically, a call can be routed based on the location of the tower handling it.
Court notices that would be mailed to multiple locations can be routed to a centralized address.
Your suggestion will be automatically routed to the appropriate recipient via e-mail.
The authorization is routed directly to routing officials.
The flash emissions are routed to a small refrigeration device that condenses and collects heavier hydrocarbon vapors.
Mountain bike and horseback riding trails routed along the riverbank offer rugged terrain leading into dense forests.
We routed the ambush, killing three of the attackers.

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