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Additional horses were needed if the route ran up a grade, or if the weather was hot.
My route sometimes took me to a village along the border.
To be sure, for some people the best route out of poverty will be a bank loan.
There is another option, a southern route for the highway that would actually serve more people currently cut off from the world.
But you can also go the savory route and make breads to complement your dinner course.
But, en route, the suitcase and its priceless cargo were stolen.
They might need a lot of remedial courses en route to a job, but they may have relatively few scheduling concerns.
It's worth noting that the app does not give you train schedules of any sort nor does it help you plan your route.
One route to faculty popularity, therefore, is for deans to stretch out decisions or to skirt them entirely.
Another possible route is to get into a museum management program but then you would not be doing curatorial work.
But, that would be a quick route to the principalship.
Lying, evasion, and blaming others went the grounding and silent treatment route.
Living two hours from school is not the same thing as riding a two hour route.
We're over-crowded, so you never know when traffic along your car or bus or train route will be delayed.
Being away for a few days has me catching up to get these route updates, well, up to date.
Search for flights by flight number, route, and airport.
Thousands line wedding route as officials ready for first arrivals.
The links below are another route to the forecasts you can find using the map above.
Creating new routes is somewhat difficult with the coding, so the graphics vary depending on the route.
One pathway is known as the ventral route, and it's direct and efficient, accounting for the vast majority of our reading.
Or you could go the streamlined, headache-free route.
These were always great identifiers along my route and enabled me to train with ease.
Add your location and destination and you get directions and an embedded map with the route marked.
Molecular switches provide a route around existing gene patents.
Thus the dancer conveys only the direction of the food source and the total amount of image motion that should occur en route.
Or told to make a slight route change that avoids a stop.
The question that remains is the route to formation of sacred values.
The truly creative thinkers rarely take that coward's route, however.
One argument is that intervention may be a backdoor route to reflation.
For example, he recently discovered a new pilgrimage route across the island, which connects with two existing ones.
He has found a rare rock-hewn cross marking out the route.
The movement of people and goods here-in happier days earmarked as the route for a highway-has stopped completely.
Eventually, insurance offices were established at the end of each truck route.
The trouble is that the ethane route to making ethylene produces virtually no propylene.
As well as presumed mineral riches under the sea bed, the sea lanes are a vital route for shipping.
It has long been used by small firms looking for a cheaper, easier route to public ownership.
Historical grievances, not religious ones, are expressed today through religion-the only political route allowed.
Governments can prop up economies temporarily, but rising budget deficits are not a route to sustainable growth.
Another route is to speed up the quest for other energy reserves.
The hitch is that the multilateral route has, so far, achieved little.
The plan may have been to explode them en route, perhaps as the plane was landing.
Inevitably, some of those released would take the pruning-shears route.
Royal enthusiasts are arranging parties and camping out on the pavement along the procession route, hoping for a view.
If he had, he probably would have taken a different route.
But there's always the pocketbook route to changing behavior.
For many, villainy has provided the surest route to fame and fortune.
It became increasingly clear that central planning was a route to economic disaster.
But en route to that moral, it turns out the story has been tidied up a little.
If elevating a neophyte whom he can influence seems a more plausible route, that's okay too.
So the final bill takes a less direct route toward a similar end.
Similarly convenient is the pay-for-protection route.
But that route is less threatening than the plutonium route, which makes a larger volume of weapons possible.
The route to progress depends on recognizing the centrality of politics to issues of war and peace.
Each student plots his or her individual leatherback's route on a large world map.
But precisely when this migration started and the route it followed has been hotly debated.
The best time to drive this route is summer through fall.
Help students locate this route on their own maps, and ask them to draw it to the best of their ability.
The best times to drive this route are summer, late spring, or early fall.
It requires stamina, boulder scrambling, and route finding.
The added distance could indicate that the driver knows about a problem with what appears to be the fastest route.
Each node in the network reads and processes the data packet to route it correctly to the next node.
The money is tripled en route, and the trustee must then decide how much to give back to the investor.
The company uses the maps to help route content more quickly to those same computers.
He has recommended they resubmit with a different route, and the company has indicated they intend to resubmit.
It may be a refueling, and she'll go down the route of the great grande-dame roles.
He decides on everything from the dinner menu to the navigational route.
At this point, the rat will flee if it has an escape route.
Read you guys every day on my route around the interwebs.
The route to equilibrium separates before from after.
Additionally, social systems are complex enough that they may take a tortuous and circuitous route back toward equilibrium.
Let's go through planning via memory and communication, and compare these to the perceptual route.
Plants are an obvious route, but until now, no one has clearly shown that they can channel bacteria from one insect to another.
But the bacteria could also route their calls via hormones.
Check online for the location of the lowest prices near you and along your route.
When he walked, he followed an ancient caravan route tiled in broad, flat flagstones.
Our route was less than picturesque with heavy rain and winds that took these four cars and threw some of them around the road.
The old mantra: route service calls overseas to cut costs in half.
There was an outcry, but it was the only economically viable route.

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