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Example sentences for rousing

Instead, let us return to the text for his rousing conclusion.
In one sense, the research has been a rousing success.
We're generally a quiet bunch, more comfortable with armchair discussions than rabble rousing.
Building slowly, she delivered a rousing speech as tears streamed down her angry face.
The signal is a call to arms, rousing the lazing morays to leave their crevices and swim off with the groupers.
Rental-market strength is also rousing a long-dormant building industry.
First came a weekly flag-raising ceremony with a rousing address in every school.
Until recently, people told stories of rousing innovation about these instruments.
If no single dish has the spirit-rousing stamp of culinary genius, virtually every one is knowledgeably prepared.
His soothing tones, however, can't disguise a relish for the fray: beneath the silver-fox exterior beats a rabble-rousing heart.
In a rousing session, the campers then paint in his style.
Listening behavior may be improved through vocabulary building, flexibility in views, and compensation for emotion-rousing words.
Before long, the gymnasium broke into a rousing call-and-response chant.
His speech--snoozy on the page, rousing in the hall--didn't offer any grand arguments.
But inevitably, this process gets thrown into reverse and the free market stages a rousing comeback.

Famous quotes containing the word rousing

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