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It was peer reviewed, made it into a journal, and then was roundly refuted.
Her parents had tossed her a challenge-a challenge that she roundly deserved for having such grandiose ideas.
Franken was roundly criticized by many media outlets for being so serious at this press conference.
The measure had been roundly condemned by social scientists.
That's because specified complexity has been roundly rejected by the scientific community.
Those scientists, whom you defend, have been roundly criticized as being completely unscientific in their methods.
Legal challenges to these tests have been roundly defeated.
If he had run for office, he probably would have been roundly defeated.
Representing a rival faction from an awkward merger, he is roundly criticized for his aloof management style.
The rebels and the government are roundly condemned.
The group roundly condemned terror attacks on civilians.
The government roundly denies it is attempting to eliminate private education, much less impose a one-party ideology.
Against a roundly apocalyptic world view, the great pleasures of this book are line-by-line.
The covert infiltration of environmental groups has been roundly criticised.
The president has indeed roundly condemned the atrocity.
By selling the weapons to win this war, the industry may find itself roundly condemned and subject to legislation.
Obviously that kind of behavior should be roundly condemned and has no place in our campaigns.
The old manual had been criticized by government personnel experts and managers roundly as impeding effective management.
The anterior margin is rounded and the posterior margin roundly pointed, with a low posterior ridge.
Whether this consequence is intended or simply the result of sloppy drafting, this legislation should be roundly rejected.
Western environmental groups in the region roundly criticized the plans, citing fears of increased air pollution.
However, these defamatory criticisms have been roundly debunked.
The nose is roundly pointed, ears rather short, and eyes are medium size.

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Known commonly as the jackass, this long-eared little creature is respected throughout the southwest—roundlymore
The Cairo conference ... is about a complicated web of education and employment, consumption and poverty, development an... more
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