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Example sentences for rounding

Rounding up a representative sampling of those lucky ones proved to be surprisingly easy.
On the following page there is a discussion of the lower limit of rounding.
Sew up in the form of a cornucopia, rounding at the end.
Rounding up is a great way of rewarding those students who have been putting in the effort all semester long.
Rounding principles that sensibly apply to a couple of pennies don't automatically carry over to two hundred billion dollars.
The rocks are now extremely dry and show no evidence of rounding by water.
Humpbacks are known to collaborate-for example, in rounding up food in their summer feeding grounds.
Rounding up the requisite prisoners to be sacrificed later was an ongoing campaign.
We went thru her manual calculations and turns out she had made a mistake or rounding error.
But, ultimately, their usage is a rounding error in the overall product activity.
His next step: rounding up a bunch of radical thinkers to reinvent physics itself.
Now they've adapted that throwing stick, bending it at the center and rounding it along one side.
That's barely a rounding error when it comes to the incomes of today's big traders.
That's a lot to you and me, but it's a veritable rounding error for a bank of this magnitude and wealth.
Second, age reporting can is biased, with people rounding their age to a higher or lower number depending on their preference.
So close that if you don't know better, you'll feel tempted to believe you've introduced some rounding error on the calculation.
All the talk about rounding up people who disagree with you and putting them into asylums is pretty sickening too.
Nor because they made a rounding mistake on their tax return.
They are now rounding on the quacks who now use the same approach that was once central to conventional medicine.
When savings are the size of rounding errors, there's not much point in discussing them.
We need your help in rounding out the view with your own images.
Three-tenths of a percent isn't a trigger, it's a rounding error.
All math requires a certain amount of rounding and every experiment requires a certain amount of ignored variability.
Even some on the right are rounding on corporate excess.
In truth, the surprise was a small one, even a rounding error.
But it is nonetheless useful in updating and rounding out the local economy.
It poured troops in, rounding up hundreds of people and putting them behind bars.
Some property-owners have even begun patrolling their land and rounding up aliens at gunpoint.
They are to prevent policeman from shirking and simply rounding up the usual suspects.
But they were swift to start rounding up suspects once the rioting had died out later that night.
Until recently, communities had been rounding up excess geese, then relocating them to less populated areas.

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