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The magazine may be quite interesting, but it is not the place to get a well-rounded education.
All of that obviously leads you to being well rounded.
The faculty has a right to know if a potential new hire is well rounded and has a balanced life that includes family and friends.
Their postures on the picnic table were both the same forward kind with their shoulders rounded and elbows on their knees.
Over the next few weeks, the authorities rounded up and detained hundreds of the city's anarchists.
The old squared-off windows now have rounded corners.
The strange tortoise's shell is flat underneath and not rounded at the belly as usual, he says.
Forest elephants are smaller and have straighter and thinner tusks, rounded ears, and a distinct skull shape.
Drop a rounded teaspoon of chilled batter onto the cookie sheet.
Instead, it folds into itself as the enormous creature matures, creating a rounded rudder called a clavus.
Forest elephants are smaller and have more rounded ears than savanna elephants do.
Each animal has its own unique coat pattern, and all have big, rounded ears.
In some cases the police simply rounded up poor people and hauled them to sterilization camps.
Top with another cake layer, rounded side up, and spread with another cup buttercream.
Boxing and thoroughbred racing rounded out the big four spectator sports of the day.
Most of the reformist brain trust has been rounded up.
Residents have definitely evolved rounded dorsal fins, while transient dorsals are quite pointed.
Of course, he's likely a tad more well-rounded than some, doing amateur theater on the weekends.
They see scientific investigation and religious faith as complementary components of a well-rounded life.
He sped to third base, then rounded it, only to be caught off the bag by a laser from the outfield.
He got toward the base of the face, still well above the bottom, and rounded out of the drop as the surface curvature allowed.
He did not know the number exactly, and rounded it up to a million.
However, our ranking takes data over a three-year period, which helps provide a more rounded picture.
With this approach, you really need well rounded actors.
Indeed, there does seem to be a demand for the more rounded leaders such diversity might create.
The regime refused to budge, rounded up its critics and annulled the results.
Airliners have had windows with rounded corners ever since.
For example, it outfitted its whole fleet with rounded winglets.
His popularity has always owed more to his raffish, well-rounded personality than to his views.
The milling process leaves behind some burs and rounded corners.
Arrange ribs, rounded side up, in single layer on rack in shallow roasting pan.
Picture a rounded surface covered in deep meandering ridges and grooves.
Toxic nodular goiter involves an enlarged thyroid gland that contains a small rounded growth or growths called nodules.
It fit the body snugly at the waistline and was rounded through the hips.
The form of the capillary net varies in the different tissues, the meshes being generally rounded or elongated.
The lateral surface ends below in a rounded eminence, the ala nasi.
Its lateral third is flattened from above downward, while its medial two-thirds is of a rounded or prismatic form.
So, you're probably wondering why the eclipse line isn't evenly rounded.
Some were rounded up and shot in their own villages, while others were shipped off to concentration camps.
In her mind, a working knowledge of the world's great religions was a necessary part of any well-rounded education.
The anterior end is rounded, and the posterior is triangular pointed or only moderately rounded.
The rooms were built with rounded corners in the belief that it was more sanitary.
Standard errors must be rounded to one decimal place more than the estimates for which they are computed.
The trailing legs and rounded wings of these slow flying ducks makes them look bigger than they are.
If there is an increase, it must be rounded to the nearest tenth of one percent.
These results are then rounded to the nearest dollar.

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