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Example sentences for round arch

The bridge also features concrete railings with round arch balustrades.
These take the shape of a long round arch, with its path high above, and its two ends apparently beyond the horizon.
The shape and depth of the round arch below that triangle, also argues against anything but a traditional outlook by the builders.
The windows are linked by string courses and are in a round arch form.
The large round arch of the entry portico is detailed with an egg-and-dart molding and carved keystone.
The exterior features round arch windows and the five-story tower has corbelled brickwork.
In the level above is another round arch opening with louvers, topped by a corbel table.
On either side of this section, large round arch openings served the post office once located here.
The second-story fenestration under the portico consists of round arch openings with hung-sash windows.
The central entrance has a round arch portico and is flanked by short paired windows covered by metal grills.
The entry is deeply recessed beneath a large round arch, and at the corner, a circular tower is capped by a conical roof.
The stair hall is lit by a large, story-and-a-half round arch window in the north wall.
The large window in the central bay facade has a high round arch with notable brick articulation.
Each pair is capped by a round arch formed of cast-stone in a fan pattern.
Its trademark was the round arch along with heavy masonry construction similar to medieval castles.
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