roulette in a sentence

Example sentences for roulette

The origin of the gambling game roulette is a bit hazy.
Farmer in particular was obsessed with the roulette wheel.
Some say it's needed while others say it creates health care roulette for people seeking legal care.
The connected casino offers all types of gaming including blackjack, roulette and poker.
Forty table games including craps, roulette, and baccarat.
Opponents see this as creating medical roulette for patients seeking information and access to legal treatments.
It houses a collection of peculiar items, among them a roulette wheel made of jellybeans and an exhibit of shrunken heads.
And instead it has only the clich├ęs of old-fashioned roulette romance.
Of course, you might object, voters aren't really roulette wheels.
Maybe life is not a double-zero roulette wheel, but the universe is dimming with life.
She tells him he propped open his eyes with matches, was working on a system to beat roulette.
Take some olive oil and rub it completely on the outside of the meat roulette and set on a sheet pan.
Slot machines pouring out quarters, roulette wheels spinning, and people gathering around blackjack and poker tables.
Roulette is a tool with a revolving head on which a dotted or lined pattern is incised.
Otherwise sane people gambled away hundreds of thousands of dollars at the craps and roulette tables.
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