roughshod in a sentence

Example sentences for roughshod

The government gives special consideration to the wealthy and runs roughshod over the poor.
Again an article that runs roughshod over the diversity of manufacturing processes.
Academia doesn't need autocratic tyrants who run roughshod over faculty traditions and procedures.
Their converts were no more than local ruffians who exploited foreign protection to ride roughshod over their countrymen.
Yet he pursued all these projects enthusiastically and rode roughshod over any objections, especially if they came from lawyers.
Tammy stated that what this resolution is not is an attempt to run roughshod over state and federal or public property rights.
Then run roughshod over those holding a gun and their sponsors.
Defendants cannot run roughshod, doing precisely as they please simply because cross-examination is underway.
The majority party has a tendency to run roughshod over the minority.
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