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Undulating, roughly carved ceiling beams add to the vertiginous sensation.
He was mighty indignant too, and told me roughly to go away and mind my business, while he filled the pitcher.
Less patient ones bid her shut her head, or ask her roughly what is wrong with her.
Roughly four hours after the shooting, they sent out a text message noting that the campus parking garage had been reopened.
The stabilization-fund money will be released roughly two weeks after approvable applications are received.
Although roughly one in five of all mammal species is a bat, the winged animal has long been an enigma to scientists.
Bobcats, sometimes called wildcats, are roughly twice as big as the average housecat.
Liquid coal would produce roughly twice the global warming emissions of gasoline.
In fact, roughly one third to two thirds of suicidal teens do not reveal past attempts to anyone.
Batteries, on the other hand, have improved how much power they deliver at roughly one fiftieth of that pace.
Yet even if few of us can rival the success of professional dancers at the feat, it is roughly within our natural capacities.
Humans are believed to have diverged from chimps between roughly six million and seven million years ago.
In a year's time, however, the single currency is expected to be worth roughly the same as it is now.
The government says that these small mines account for roughly a third of production, but two-thirds of deaths.
Instead the ballot decides who wins a state's electoral-college votes, the number of which is based roughly on its population.
They are pushing aside the old guard on the continent, sometimes roughly.
And there is this: a seaman's roughly made wooden trunk, perhaps four feet long, its exterior without significant decoration.
The bird's sharp beak is pointed roughly at my neck.
Ring out the excess water, roughly chop the basil and transfer to the container of a blender.
Film festivals used to have two seasons, roughly spring and fall.
The shape of the tracks and their arrangement roughly resemble a large human footprint, and so the legendary explanation was born.
Then you stick the bird pieces roughly back together and serve.
The building had curved, roughly plastered concrete walls and a swelling roof that resembled a nun's wimple.
For all practical purposes each side has roughly the same number of safe seats--seats in which a loss would be a major upset.
Factory employment has fallen by roughly the same fraction.
Roughly half of your short-story collection is made up of historical stories.
Having lived for roughly equal amounts of time in each, he seemed without direction in either.
The mural had to be divided into ninety-nine sections, each of which takes roughly two hours to print.
Typically, they are between a hundred and a hundred and thirty square feet, roughly the size of a covered wagon.
The prostate gland is roughly the size and shape of a walnut, and encased in a fibrous sheath called the capsule.
Roughly, the law says that the ones who are outspent should receive a modest subsidy from state funds.
There are roughly twelve thousand known species of ant.
Livestock outnumber people by roughly twelve to one.
So on average investment bankers are making six times what teachers in the city make, and roughly what doctors are making.
The arrangement of bottles roughly corresponds to the stomach swatches of each brand.
In one of the dogs, a clot formed, and the graft was removed after roughly a week.
The wing box begins in roughly the middle of the plane and extends about two-thirds of the wingspan.
When two amino acid bond, they can take on one of roughly ten different orientations to one another.
The finished devices are squares of paper roughly the size of postage stamps.
It costs roughly the same to school both rich and poor in the same dependence.
For thirty years, roughly from age twenty to age fifty, he faded from public view.
Roughly speaking, the top speed of a swimmer or flyer is proportional to its length.
Most containers were roughly eight feet square in cross-section, but lengths varied from fifteen feet to forty feet.
Every small town had a shop selling solar panels for a price roughly equivalent to that of a single sheep.
One way to look at it is to say that that's roughly what a worker earning minimum wage and working full time earns in a year.
Cut up an onion roughly and soften it over medium heat in olive oil.
Cover with a light vegetable or chicken stock and simmer for a few minutes, then puree roughly in a blender.
Marathon sleeping spells come and go, cropping up intermittently for roughly a decade.
The researchers subjected roughly two dozen mole rats to different maze experiments.
Chemical explosives surround the core, and when they are set off they crush it until its density roughly doubles.
In fruit flies, inversions happen at a rate of roughly one per every million years.
After a hurricane, the roughly paved streets are often under water for days.
Census tracts are roughly sized in accordance with population.

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