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Fieldstones have a more rustic look than flagstones, with rougher surfaces and more variation in shape and color.
Okay, it's a little rougher than roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories.
The rougher the stuff that gets dropped in the fluid, and the faster it sinks, the more spectacular the eruption.
They are a bit rougher due to the different chemicals in them.
If this thing does pan out, watch for the feds to mandate that all roads must be made rougher.
Frost grains tend to be larger than snow grains and have rougher surfaces.
Not everyone feels this way of course, but some nights are rougher than others.
E-tickets are great when it comes to guarding against theft but aren't always available in rougher parts of the world.
Interior vocalizations are rougher and lower pitched.
Games become rougher and wilder, wrestling and chasing being the favorite sports.
Rougher varieties can hide more bacteria and be harder to clean.
Shorter sidewalls provide crisper handling, but also give a rougher ride because of less cushioning between the rim and the road.
High wind will result in higher surf, which makes snorkeling both rougher and lowers inshore visibility.
If you are looking to surf or go whale-watching, the rougher ocean might be a better choice than the warmer, calmer sea.
The more disorderly elements, the rougher matters, are drawn off into this alliterative direction.
But here, the emotional edges are rougher and life is more harried.
The barrio has changed: it is rougher and its population is more transient.
If the road's a little bit rougher, drivers will feel it, but that's not going to cause you to go any slower.
It makes the pasta a little rougher, which helps when you roll it out by hand.
Otherwise, though, even the rougher vocal performances are worth hearing a time or two.
Allow for more ideas to be presented sooner and in rougher form.
The road grew rougher and dissolved into deep puddles still standing from the previous week's rain.
Beck's currently ongoing visit got off to a rougher start.
Its overall look is rougher, with less chrome and gloss, and more dirt and ash.
The youngsters he helps now may have an even rougher ride.
When the tide turned, the wind rose and the water grew ever rougher.
And it is subjecting miscreants to much rougher treatment.
Energy companies, accustomed to far rougher places, may not be too worried by the political wrangling.
Subsequent trips to rougher terrain will last for a week to ten days.
All of which makes an already difficult fund-raising environment for small funds even rougher.
Properly handled, interdependence could smooth the rougher edges of rivalry.
Things are likely to get rougher as central-government cuts to housing subsidies come into full effect next year.
But if the above is any indication, this may also mean writing becoming rougher.
They all had a much rougher time of quitting, both physically and psychologically.
Some express surprise that things are not rougher already.
Rougher ride but low to ground and out of line of fire so much.
Working in the rougher parts of the world may sometimes seem prohibitively risky, but the rich world has hazards, too.
But even in the shorter term the seas ahead could get much rougher.
W e know now, of course, that the closer the kinship the tougher and rougher things can be.
Folks looking for a financial lifesaver are in for a rougher ride.
The usual case for boxing as art or science is rougher to make in the face of this face.
If you belly flop, you decelerate quickly, and the impact feels rougher.
If friction is the cause, the rougher surface should slow sooner.
It can help detect a surface that could be smoother or it could get rougher such as moving from cement to a brick section.
The exposed stone surface along the top of the balustrade is rougher than the surfaces in more sheltered areas.
During the rainy season, when the waters are rougher and fuller, riding on this flat boat can be scary and quite dangerous.
The rocks stick to the asphalt film and make a rougher surface that provides better traction to prevent skidding.

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