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Example sentences for rough fish

Rough fish are species not having statewide size or creel limits, such as gar or carp.
Rough fish removal operations are conducted periodically.
Carp and other rough fish may reduce water clarity and prohibit the growth of these desirable plants.
No stocking is recommended because of the warm water and the large population of rough fish.
In addition to brook and brown trout, some forage and rough fish have been observed.
Fish not included in this list are considered rough fish.
There are no size or creel limits for rough fish, unless special regulations apply.
Some other food samples collected contained rough fish and amphibians, game fish was infrequently observed.
Food-habit studies have generally found game fish to be taken less often than the slower-swimming rough fish.
The project also involved installing a filtration system to prevent the reintroduction of rough fish.
Decreased rough fish population and established warm water fishery.
Nearly all of their diet consists of fish, primarily rough fish such as suckers.
Waters which were infested with rough fish were poisoned and later planted with game fish.
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