rotund in a sentence

Example sentences for rotund

Check the rings carefully and note the rotund point guard.
So if you come across any rotund dinosaurs or whatever, there you are.
As a result, the rotund comic was put to work nonstop, sometimes at the expense of quality.
The corporate fat cats are becoming alarmingly rotund.
Blowups of her heart-shaped face and rotund form would be on display.
All were big, had short arms and were often reconstructed as being on the more rotund and slow-moving side of scale.
He is played by a different actor each time-the first rotund and bumbling, the latest weedy and quiet.
He was a bit rotund, and always dapper in a dinner jacket.
From our resident labor humorists, an elf's tale of a certain jolly-and highly oppressive, morbidly rotund one percent.
No air conditioning or fans are available in the rotund areas, so hot weather use is not advisable.
For an extra dollar, you can have catfish-rotund, narrower fillets.
Tadpoles are rotund, with high fins and dark sides and back.
Aquatic plants in deep water appear as floating rosettes with more rotund leaves.
Manatees are large, rotund mammals with a large round, horizontally flattened tail.

Famous quotes containing the word rotund

I never saw a fatter man; he'd have given my mother a stone or two and not felt the loss. Round as the "o" in rotu... more
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