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UK researchers have developed a series of robots that power up by digesting sugar, rotten apples, and dead flies.
Performance usually improves with practice, but not if training is a rotten time.
Immorality is literally disgusting: it appears to provoke an ancient brain system designed to identify rotten food.
In these rotten economic times, putting in long hours has become a popular strategy for boosting job security.
If you're searching for a way to wreak havoc on an ex-lover or a rotten business partner, look no further than the video above.
As a result, public-sector workers are spoiled rotten.
Many times my kitchen becomes so messy and due to rotten potatoes.
As you can see, this olive has a rotten area where an insect wiggled out.
Of course all of us boomers were spoiled rotten too.
The sweet smell of rotten apples, for instance, indicates diabetes.
The brown handball-size fruit the vendor offers me looks positively rotten.
Bret should probably peel back another layer of that rotten onion.
Typically fruit flies meet each other over rotten fruit.
It's good that this happened because the only rotten apple in the barrel has been exposed.
Your chair may give you a rotten schedule for the rest of your life, though.
Some eggs laid in the refuge enclosures went cold and rotten.
If society cuts funds for such problems, then it is really rotten.
But never fear, the manual has precise instructions for identifying zombies at any stage of their rotten existence.
The smell is overwhelming, a rotten sweetness that clings to the throat.
The problem was the rotten snow-crusted chunks that couldn't support a skier's weight.
The rock slabs and ledges were covered with a thick crust of rotten snow, too weak for their homemade ice axes to hold.
Faith, as you say, there's small choice in rotten apples.
He's gone through every penny he ever had, publishing rotten verses in fancy bindings.
Reliability is rotten and current telephone equipment is incompatible.
When a customer noticed a rotten-egg odor coming from a new dish liquid, the company pulled the product from the shelves.
The reason for all this work is invisible, but definitely evident in the form of a subtle rotten-egg aroma.
His face was weather-beaten, his teeth rotten, and his body scarred and mangled.
Still a romantic, he is now afflicted with as rotten a complexion as the movie screen has ever offered.
Another simple, inorganic gas also acts as a vasodilator: hydrogen sulfide, the source of the smell of rotten eggs.
She is my spoiled-rotten-keg-on-legs-delicate-flower-lick-my-skin-raw sunshine.
Some branches are literally rotten, their concrete walls covered in slime and window bars rusted.
If that was ever good advice, it is rotten advice now.
We have rotten buildings that should have been torn down years ago.
If you are discontented with your place or your neighbors or if you are a rotten brick, you are no good to the wall.
Basically, baboons have about a half dozen solid hours of sunlight a day to devote to being rotten to each other.
The current system is rotten to the bone with opaque pricing and insane incentives.
One cannot place a rotten apple in a bowl of apples and keep the decay from spreading.
The ground is thick with fruit: some ripe, some rotten, some blown by yellow jackets.
If one is rotten and the other is without blemish, then you pick the good one.
When all the oxygen is gone, the rotten stuff stops breaking down and starts stinking.
Maybe they would do an autopsy to find out if he had a rotten tooth.
Most of them will never have a chance because they're in a rotten school.
Not only the air inside the house but the light, from forty-watt bulbs, seemed ancient and rotten.
The job market is in rotten shape, and business investment is hitting historic lows.
Nothing sound could rise on such rotten foundations.
What does not go down so easily is rotten logic and bad evidence.
The rotten-egg smell of sulfur dioxide gas hinted that magma was still cooling inside.
So the hypothetical nose would have little trouble telling fresh fish from rotten fish.
It's too bad those other rotten apples stink up the barrel.
Certain people were spoilt rotten by some of their family members and yet decided to be criminals.
Soon the dollar would be worth exactly one rotten banana.
Yeah, keep pretending there's nothing rotten at the heart of government.
There's something rotten in your health care system for sure.
They went from gracile people to blimps with rotten teeth and facial deformities in the space of a generation.
It is definitely an unpleasant nuisance: it is unpleasant to wash, drink, or bathe in water that reeks of decay and rotten eggs.
Bidders shall verify amounts of material and effort needed for painting and replacement of rotten items and/or wood.
The presence of an unusual odor similar to rotten eggs.
It prefers shallow areas with lots of rotten or water-soaked logs.
The first sign of exposure to hydrogen sulfide is usually a rotten egg smell.
Provide all new flashing and new roofing underlayment on clay tile roof, and replacing rotten roof decking under clay tile roof.
Find a rotten stump or log and tear it apart, piece by piece, to see how many kinds of these you can recognize.
Hydrogen sulfide gas is usually present, giving mud pots their characteristic odor of rotten eggs.
Kernels are removed from the cob and mixed in a ratio of one-third clean, one-third spoiled, and one-third rotten.
He treated her rotten and she always forgave him--even made excuses for him.
It's not his fault he has a rotten home life, but by the power of his choices, he can make something good out of it.

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