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We also have a rotating distinguished teaching chair in the humanities, who mentors new faculty members.
Because the people you see will be rotating in and out of your day, they may not even know where you will go next, so you should.
Equal opposite reaction would mean he would not be able to move or start rotating.
Yes, this addictive game that has you rotating shapes to fit into a grid until you go mad may actually be making you smarter.
In one, for instance, the data showed that the pilot had trouble rotating the plane during takeoff.
Two animals lived on a rotating disc over a pool of water, separated by a fixed wall.
In mice, inserting and rotating acupuncture needles releases adenosine, which blocks pain signals.
To show his technique, he proposes a simple game that can be played by remote-controlled cars and a ground-level rotating disk.
These galaxies are differentially rotating--that is, the time to complete a full rotation increases with distance from the center.
Next time, though, the villagers may finally see the light--thanks to giant rotating mirrors known as heliostats.
Pruners with rotating handles are for people who do hours of pruning at a shot.
Pack mixture around the can, wiggling and rotating it to keep it from being trapped in place.
The museum presents permanent and rotating exhibitions.
The rotating, electrically conductive liquid core is what generates the planet's magnetic field.
Since then rotating crews have kept the orbiting lab occupied around the clock, every day of the year, for the past decade.
Intimate galleries off this main space feature rotating exhibits of smaller works.
The gecko twists, rotating its body and feet downward into a landing position.
It consists of a core, and an invisible pocket of rotating air.
Rotating thunderstorms-known as super cells-spawn tornadoes.
Parts of it were rotating clockwise, while others were rotating counter-clockwise.
Little information has been offered on the workers, except that they are rotating in shifts to limit their exposure to radiation.
Tornadoes are violently rotating columns of air extending from thunderstorms to the ground.
The second flow results from the sun rotating faster at the equator than it does near the poles.
But in space, it might be easier to get the game arena rotating in all sorts of ways.
By using counter rotating main rotors, some of the drawbacks of high speed helicopter flight can be minimized.
Flip-out, rotating screen makes it easier to shoot odd angles.
First, it uses two counter-rotating rotors that spin around the same axis, one positioned above the other.
If they stop rotating, a rapid and terminal encounter with the ground beckons.
The result was remarkable: a material consisting of billions of tiny magnets, each rotating in its own cavity.
Among other fantasies, it had a ballroom with a rotating floor and an ice-skating rink, a rarity in the tropics.
In essence, autoclaves are industrial-sized rotating pressure-cookers.
Press the reset button and hold it while rotating the number dials to the desired combination.
It features an open-kitchen and, at night, rotating culinary themes.
Open daily for dinner, it features two rotating six-course menus per voyage.
The point was that months were henceforward spent by me trying to devise ways to catch the drum rotating.
The museum exhibits a rotating selection of works from its permanent collection.
The light from the part of the star rotating toward us shifts a bit to the blue, and the side moving away shifts a bit to the red.
We live on a spinning ball, rotating madly as it moves through space.
Then watching her foot and consciously perceiving the foot rotating the opposite direction.
Imagine looking up at the bottoms of dozens and dozens of slightly overlapping saucers, each clearly rotating.
As the merry-go-round spins faster and faster, the rotating monkeys gain more and more kinetic energy.
When particularly strong or slow winds flow over angled blades, the blades can lose lift and stop rotating.
If its tail was immobilised, its body kept on rotating in this way.
The shoulder of a bat starts rotating upwards before the wrist, which move up before the fingers.
The streaming gas forms a spiral pattern in the same way a rotating lawn sprinkler shoots out water.
The tube descends into the base of the model train set where it is turned in circles by a rotating motor.
Also, if you're rotating the work between students, that would undermine the idea of it as a poverty fighting tool.
In the steam era a giant engine powered a central rotating shaft, and machine tools ran off pulleys in long linear factories.
If the dough tends to stick when rotating, drag it through the flour.
They tried to cope with inter-service rivalry through a rotating command structure.
The jumbo batteries would then power motors, which would drive counter-rotating propellers at the plane's tail end.
For a conventional wind turbine, it's the area swept out by the rotating blades.
Eventually this should cause the probe to stop and begin rotating.
In a new take on teleconferencing technologies, a rotating display holds forth at the weekly meeting.
Upward gravitational divergence of positrons or antiprotons in counter-rotating accelerator beams is unobserved.
By rotating crops, you also balance the load on the farmlands.
There is a single presiding judge, drawn from a pool of three on a rotating basis for a two-year term of unusual pressure.
Instead he has resorted to continuously rotating advisers, which some say is a sign of indecisiveness and panic.
Commonly, two-thirds to three-fourths of the student population can be in attendance, with the others off on rotating vacations.
Includes descriptions of each rotating satellite, as well as the years of their discovery.

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