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There are others, though brain rot seems to have set in.
The rafflesia's five fleshy petals begin to rot soon after they blossom, giving off an odor of decay.
The wood resisted rot and warping, making it a favorite for fencing, utility poles and furniture.
Even more maddening, the wood above and below the rot is nearly always perfect.
The days of homemade candied apples may be gone, but these days kids can rot their teeth with a wealth of weirdo treats.
They are the rot that undermines the intellectual authority of science.
Rot set into the empire from the late second century.
Early-ripening variety with some resistance to root rot in heavy soils.
Susceptibility to rot from moisture is one of the main weaknesses of straw-bale construction.
Worse, some big sleaze scandals have broken, suggesting that the rot reaches close to the top.
Our brain has no idea how to organize our structure for sitting so the rot sets in early.
Bacterial canker and brown rot of stone fruit are serious diseases.
Rot your kids' brains right there in their heads will he.
It would rot before my colleague would be able to turn it around.
It takes a few days or a few months to cause a big tree to rot under drought conditions.
Diseases include blossom blight and brown rot of stone fruit.
Once their contractor began removing walls they said he discovered the rot was widespread.
The air was dreamy with ripeness from laden branches and rot underfoot.
Yes the absorb it when they are growing, and release it when they are burned or rot.
They are prone to root rot and crown rot if drainage is poor.
But they did they share the awful potency as tombs of rot.
Additionally, pollution is causing shell rot and other illnesses in normally disease-resistant species.
And to the morons who talked about leaving the wolf to rot.
Ailments you may encounter include peach leaf curl and brown rot of stone fruit.
She has seen true hunger, and can't bear to watch food rot.
If the rot stops there, the damage will be containable.
Rain has also been getting in through holes, causing the floors and walls to rot.
If there are some leaves that are starting to rot at the tips or edges, remove them.
Set the crowns of the plants high, so they won't become saturated and rot after watering.
We shall not wait for it to fester and rot any longer.
Dust cuts with sulfur or charcoal to discourage rot.
Small areas of wood rot can be easily repaired with epoxy, window restorers say.
In high-rainfall areas, excess moisture induces rot.
Rotted fascia boards should be removed and replaced before the rot has a chance to spread to the roof rafters.
If placed too closely, mulch can retain moisture and cause plants and trees to rot.
These are adapted to dry periods after bloom and will rot if they get too much water.
We're in denial about the extent of the rot in the system, and the effort that would be required to turn things around.
Do not use glue, as it will blister the pads, causing them to rot.
Stem rot is a potentially serious disease of clematis.
If there is so much cheating in universities, it also has to do with the rot in the culture that we've built for ourselves.
The thousands of corpses, many hanging in trees or washed up on beaches, immediately started to rot in the tropical heat.
Then the plankton comes up, and there are no fish to eat them and they go to the bottom and rot.
In fact this should be beneficial as compared to allowing them to fall naturally and rot.
They try to shield their kids from cultural rot and depravity.
As excess plant matter sinks to the seafloor, microbes rot it and suck oxygen out of the water in the process.
The corpses of the losers in the conflict were left for weeks to rot in the sun, then dragged and shoved into shallow pits.
Everyone knows that dead animals begin to rot and stink as bacteria break down their meat and give off toxic chemicals.
While brains rot quickly, they leave behind marks where some of their folds and blood vessels were.
Many homeowners fear that wood will immediately rot if allowed to get wet.
Would have loved for him to have been convicted to rot in prison for many many years.
Fungus that grows on rot might not, at first, seem the perfect image of our culinary ideals.
But some have come from ambitious younger figures, despairing at their elders' inability to stop the rot.
The rot can spread from housing to other areas, such as commercial property and credit-card debt.
He belittles his large philosophical gifts, finds publication an agony and worries to correspondents that his work is rot.
The rot could easily feed on itself, leaving equipment and workers idle, and depressing tax revenues.
Government efforts have done little to stop the rot.
Both these longer-term risks are real, but they are far outweighed by the need to stop the rot.
Believed the myth about being good sports and maintaining discipline and all that rot.
Local food subsidies encourage farmers to let their goods rot rather than sell them on the global market.

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