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Example sentences for rostrum

Atop the rostrum he would impugn his enemies, excite crowds to action and deflect his detractors' barbs.
The flags of the delegations advanced and formed a semi-circle, in the center of which was a tiny rostrum in the arena.
As long as there is a rostrum to lean on, he will go on talking, but his probable role has become that of a spoiler.
Rostrum slightly longer than that of the brown or pink shrimp.
The speaker is elected by the majority party and sits in the center chair of the rostrum and directs the proceedings.
On the side of the head, seven feet from the tip of the rostrum, are the eyes.
Males possess a characteristic patch of stiff hairs on the top of the rostrum.
The function of the rostrum is not fully understood.
Its common name originates from its blunt snout, or rostrum.

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