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Palfrey claims her client roster is loaded with the names of powerful government insiders.
The roster of her innovations includes items now commonplace and indispensable.
But mostly, the roster is loaded with impact players who arrived in trades before they reached their potential.
He plans to double his roster of affiliated consultants by the end of the year.
As investors scaled back their risk exposure, the roster of falling currencies contained the usual suspects.
From this medicine can then build up a roster of treatments from the available drugs.
Included in the growing roster of potentially beneficial sponge molecules are ones that fight inflammation and cell division.
It's tempting to run through the roster and syllabus and then let students out early.
Sampling fare from the city's diverse roster of restaurants costs extra-but you won't be able to resist.
In the past two decades, the roster of known planets in the galaxy has mushroomed.
The roster of geek guest celebs has yet to be hashed out.
The roster of participants is terrific, both in terms of scope and also diversity.
Mercifully, the candidate roster was exhausted before the one-upmanship moved to boiling and flaying.
So you can check out the full roster of speakers and listen to any or all of the talks in their entirety.
And while it's arguably unfair to expect a roster of signatories to a week-old group, it's certainly reasonable to expect a few.
The mealtime crowds thin as the seasick roster grows.
The roster of other attendees was not yet finalized.
She disappeared from their faculty roster the following year.
The key to the game's success is certainly going to be its roster.
So, as expected, the roster of island mammal species was subset of those species found on the mainlands.
The runners are not new to the sport, and boast a long roster of accomplishments.
When recruiting, dealers often act on the recommendations of artists who are already on their roster.
The roster of collectors prepared to sell was also impressive.
Maybe the department to which you're applying has an outstanding faculty roster.
Many of the acts on the roster, however, feature adult themes and language in their music.
The mountain gorilla, a shy vegetarian with no natural enemies but humans, could soon be added to the roster.
The rest of the roster, for all its flaws, is well rounded.
It is not his turn on the roster, but he takes it in order to do a favor for a colleague.
Working in the movie's favor are an all-star roster of dance-off veterans.
When he had filled its ruled right-hand pages, he turned it upside down and continued the roster on the opposite sides.
Benefits are paid by employers, who pick candidates from a roster culled by city staffers.
Oh, and on your way out, tell the other walk-ons and wannabes that the roster is frozen.

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