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Colors range from cranberry maroon through purple and rose to orchid pink, often in same blossom.
Large semidouble flowers of rose pink shading to rose red at petal edges.
All kinds have attractive year round foliage and clusters of small white, pink, or rose purple flowers in spring.
If it's cobalt pink rather than pale rose in color, it has been treated with a chemical bath of dye and extra sweetening agents.
If the rose is not a poem, the poem is surely a rose.
The number of students enrolled in computer-science programs rose for the first time in six years, says a new report.
According to accounts of the experiments, their hourly output rose when lighting was increased, but also when it was dimmed.
Europeans have dubbed it the rose moon, while other cultures named it the hot moon for the beginning of the summer heat.
In the present context, let's say that you buried your beloved dog beneath a rose bush in your garden.
Vertical grooves indicate where a platform once rose.
The amount of pruning you'll do depends on the rose.
Not a single professor rose to question those decisions, nor did anyone seem to give a thought to how their students would pay.
But during warm interglacial periods, sea levels rose and the chalk ridge was the only link.
Muddy water rippled, and a bubble bigger than a coffee table rose to the surface.
If an own-root rose freezes to the ground, any new growth that emerges will be the same variety.
Rose feels that lower prices will induce people to buy the print edition.
Rose petals, for example, make a soothing compress for tired eyes.
Museum campus consists of three buildings, a rose garden and demonstration native plant garden.
The rose produces up to a dozen flowers per cluster.
Rose is the author of a new novel and non-fiction book about e-publishing.
At high water the river spread and rose even higher.
The horses were even as they entered the stretch, and the crowd rose as the two jockeys started whipping their mounts.
It started as a publicity stunt, but now the bloom is off the rose.
Instead, however, the machine rose again and continued on its way.
Each variety had a distinct fragrance from the others, but all were easily identifiable as a rose fragrance.
They found that students' level of spiritual quest, or seeking meaning and purpose in life, rose during college.
They rose out of the sea or dove with their flukes in the air.
Jars of skin cream still bore the scent of coconuts, and flasks of perfume exuded essence of rose.
Rose is the author of a new novel and a book about e-publishing.
The overall two-year default rate for students at for-profit colleges also rose.
He neither rose from poverty nor went off the deep end through drink or craziness.
They found that oxygen consumption rose sevenfold in lab pythons after feeding.
Third, adolescents described a sense of being pushed toward something-an urge that rose up without conscious desire.
Bright rose flowers bloom from late spring into summer.
Rose is the author of a new novel and a nonfiction book about e-publishing.
What is more, performance on the verbal learning tasks rose in proportion to the length of musical training.
The liquid may come from scented organic water, such as rose water, distilled water or aloe vera gel.
Enormous amounts of water and silt rose through the ground.
Lighter materials, such as the mineral silica, rose to the surface.
Firefighters frantically cranked a rescue ladder, which rose slowly skyward-then stopped at the sixth floor, fully extended.
Over time, violence in the outlying areas of the cities dropped sharply and land values rose.
Rock the rose back and forth to settle it in and to allow air pockets to bubble up through the mud.
Rosemary is great for a little hedge around other herbs, or in a rose garden.
The musk strawberry has mottled brownish red or rose-violet skin, and tender white flesh.
Matt pulled a lever on the tractor, and the fork rose, pulling taut the eight straps that encircled the pumpkin.
He rose, went to his files and found a photocopy of it.
Spread mixture on plank, and make nests and border of duchess potatoes, using rose tube.
They plunge the clangor of billions of vermilion trumpets into the crowd outside, and echo in faint rose over the pavement.
Kodak's stock rose accordingly in anticipation of a white knight around the corner.
It's actually the springtime equivalent of hay fever, but rose fever sounds so much nicer.
Most leopards are light colored with distinctive dark spots that are called rosettes, because they resemble the shape of a rose.
Mountains rose on the seafloor, pushing sea levels higher and onto the continents.
Sea levels rose rapidly, and the continents achieved their present-day outline.
As the two splashed in the cool, green water, whoops rose from the bank.
Swarms of flies rose from pungent clots of slick, stagnant water.
Administration costs at elite private universities rose even faster than at public ones.
Spending on green technologies rose, but less care was taken over environmental protection.
Fees rose in line with the amount of funds under management.
At the end, his audience rose to applaud as for a piano virtuoso.
Across the region unemployment rose and growth slumped.
The explosion and plume of white that rose last night may have been the result of hydrogen deflagration and detonation.
Then land prices rose so sold to developers and houses grew there instead.
Moreover, it should depend upon how high the cloud rose into the atmosphere.
When outside temperatures rose, the bill also heated up, but the bird's core body temperature did not.
Because of phenomenal increases in output per worker, manufacturing output rose sharply.
Food imports rose, hydroelectric power stagnated, trucks shipped emergency water supplies.
Indeed, the students' heart rates rose when they swore, a fact the researchers say suggests that the amygdala was activated.
While the stars were still alive, they rose every day in the skies of these worlds.
While looking longingly into the distant present, by way of my rose colored shades.
The market rose because the economy was booming, jobs were plentiful and stocks entered bubble territory.
He is in the act of telling how his mind rose to the great thought which has made him famous and worthy to be illustrated.
When observing the dishonest players, the participants' heart rates rose.
Home sales rose for about a year, then they plummeted and prices began to fall again.
Once the foundation was in place, the building rose as a unit, almost one foot per day.
They required a certain quality of character, a loyalty to unvarnished fact that rose above politics or profit.
It had velvet curtains, white tablecloths, little rose-shaded lamps on the tables.
It's amazing how the short-story collections rose to the top, and they were never commercially attractive to their publishers.
So, the argument goes, skeletons and skulls shrank as the temperature rose-and the brain got smaller in the process.
The day is hot, the air scented with desert cliff rose.
In my imagination, simple skeletons rose with a clamorous rattle to take on new lives as bones of contention.
But you said the share prices rose after the vaccine was announced.
Over the same period the ranks of the uninsured rose by six million.
The rose fragrance was also really light and pleasant.
The marinated rose petals with artichoke foam were not a complete success.
She had appeared in a film wearing a daring bikini, which revealed her magnificent body as she rose seductively out of the waves.
Land trembled and sank, winds roared, and the waters rose.
US consumer confidence rose this month to its highest point in more than five years, propelled by rising wages and more jobs.
The above link takes you to an ftp server that houses the wind rose plot images.

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Once I was a couple. I was my own king and queen with cheese and bread and rosé on the rocks of Rockport.... more
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